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1930s Terms for Test

Black Tuesday On this day a record number of people tried to sell their stocks and it caused the unstable market to crash
Dust Bowl This was caused by a combination of farmer overproduction, drought, and wind storms
Herbert Hoover President when the depression began, many people showed their displeasure with his slow actions by naming shantytowns, etc. after him
Bonus Army Group of WWI veterans who met in Washington to try and get their pensions. When they did not leave, they were kicked out by the army
Buying on Margin Borrowing money to purchase stocks
Rugged Individualism Hoover's strategy for how the country should recover from the Depression: people should help themselves and NOT rely on the government for assistance
Frances Perkins Roosevelt's Secretary of Labor- was the first female cabinet member
Eleanor Roosevelt A key domestic advisor in Roosevelt's administration and a role model for active first ladies
New Deal Coalition Groups of people who supported Roosevelt's plans; included Southern Democrats, minorities, and unions
Franklin Roosevelt He won the elections of 1932 and 1936 and promised Americans a "New Deal"
Deficit Spending When the government uses more money than it takes in- this rose dramatically during the New Deal
Supreme Court This government organization declared parts of the New Deal unconstitutional. Roosevelt's plan to force in more of his supporters did not get passed
Huey Long He claimed the New Deal did not do enough to help the poor and limit the rich; he wanted to create "share the wealth" clubs to even things out
Fireside Chats A way Roosevelt communicated over the radio directly to the American People to explain his New Deal plans
Unions This group make gains through the New Deal: membership increased, they got better working conditions and more bargaining rights, however people still did not support their right to strike
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