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Ch. 9- Mexican Rule

Ch. 9- New Mexico under New Mexican Rule

How did New Mexico become a part of Mexico? New Mexico use to be part of New Spain before the Mexico revolted against Spain.
What action taken by Mexican officials changed the trade law? It was against the law to do outside trade with anyone
In what ways did the change in the new trade affect New Mexico? It caused a huge trading settlement in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
What were mountain men? Fur trappers who came to New Mexico during the Mexican Period.
What attracted the mountain men to New Mexico? Fur trade in Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico.
What did Mexican law say about trapping in New Mexico? In was illegal for outsiders to trap fur in Mexican territory.
How did Bent, St. Vrain and Company control the southern fur trade? They established a trading post outside of Taos New Mexico as a safe haven for indians and mountain men.
What business operations did these and other newcomers carry on in New Mexico? Establishing the Santa Fe trail and expanding the trade into Mexican territories.
What is the "jefe politico"? Political chief of New Mexico during the Mexican Period.
Describe the condition of the church in frontier New Mexico. Neglected by the Mexican government and had to survive on their own without any help.
How did Father Martinez serve the people of New Mexico? He educated their future leaders and brought the first printing press to New Mexico.
Why was Albino Perez unpopular with many New Mexicans? 1. He was not native New Mexican 2. He had come to enforce Mexican laws 3. The Mexican government had imposed new taxes
What caused the Revolt of 1837? New Mexican people were against the new tax laws and law enforcement done by Mexican soldiers.
What happened to Governor Perez during the revolt? Albino Perez was killed and the rebels chose their own governor of New Mexico.
Who did the Mexican government chose to replace Albino Perez as governor New Mexico? Manuel Armijo
How was the Texas-Santa Fe expedition and what were its results? Texas rebels were trying to capture Santa Fe, but got lost and were raided by native Indians and later captured by Mexican officials.
How did Armijo handle land grants while he was in power of New Mexico? He granted land to American traders to establish a peaceful resolution.
What dangers did the mountain men faced when trapping for beaver pelts in the mountains? Indians, Grizzy bears, other mountain men, and Mexican officials.
Who was one of the best fur trappers in New Mexico? Kit Carson
How many men did Albino Perez take with him to fight the rebels in New Mexico? 200 soldiers
What happened when Albino's forces arrived in New Mexico to fight the rebels? 3/4 of the Mexican troops sided with the rebels.
How many soldiers did Albino Perez return with him to Santa Fe after the mutiny? 23 soldiers
What happened at the battle of Pojoaque between the two governors (Manuel Armijio vs. Jose Gonzalez) for control of New Mexico? Jose Gonzales is captured by Manuel Armijo and executed, ending the Revolt of 1837.
Who did the rebels named the new governor after Albino Perez was killed? Jose Gonzalez
Bent’s Fort became the center of the __________. southern fur trade
What were the two routes that traders would use to reach Santa Fe? The Mountain Route over Raton Pass and The Cimarron Cutoff (present-day Oklahoma panhandle).
Since Mexican officials could not stop the American trading in New Mexico, what did they do? they taxed goods coming in from the U.S.
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