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Key Terms

Chapter 6 APUSH

huguenots French Protestant dissenters that were granted limited toleration under the Edict of Nantes. After King Louis XIV outlawed Protestantism in 1685, many Huguenots fled else including to British North America
edict of nantes decree issued by French crown granted limited religious toleration for French Protestants (Huguenots)
coureurs de bois translated to "runners of the woods; French fur trappers also known as "voyageurs" (travelers) who established trading posts throughout North America; fur trade wreaked havoc on health & folkways of Native American trading partners
King Williams War war fought largely between French trappers, British settlers, and their respective Indian allies from 1689-1697
Queen Anne's War (1702-1713): second in the series of conflicts of European Powers for control of North America, fought between the English and the French colonist in the North, and the English and Spanish in Florida
War of Jenkin's Ear (began in 1739): small scale clash between Britain and Spain in the Caribbean and in the buffer colony Georgia; merged with the War of Austria Succession in 1742
King George War (1744-1748) North America theater of Europe's War of Austria Succession that once again pitted British colonist against their French counterparts in the North peace settlement didnt involve territorial realignment, leading to conflict
Acadians French residents of Nova Scotia, many whom were uprooted by Britain in 1755 and scattered as far as south of Louisianna, where their decendants became known as "Cajuns"
French and Indian War (Seven Years War) (1754-1763): nine year war between the British and the French in North America; it resulted in the expulsion of French from North America mainland and helped spark the Seven Years War in Europe
Albany Congress (1754): intercolonial congress summoned by British government to foster greater unity and assure Iroquois about the coming war with the French
regulars trained professional soldiers as distinct from militia or conscripts. During the French and Indian war, British generals use to commanding experienced regulars often showed contempt for ill trained militiamen
Battle of Quebec (1759): historic British win over French forces on the outskirts of Quebec. The surrender of Quebec marked the beginning of the end of French rule in North America
Pontiac's Uprising (1763): Bloody campaign waged by Ottawa chief Pontiac to drive British out of Ohio Country. It was brutally crushed by British troops, who resorted to distribute blankets infected with smallpox as a means to put sown the rebellion
Proclamation of 1763 decree issued by Parliament in the wake of Pontiac's uprising, prohibited settlement beyond the Appalachians. Contributed to rising resentment of British rule in American colonies
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