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The Reformation

The Reformation in Germany and Outside of Germany

What were the Causes of the Refomration Wealth of Church Abuses - Nepotism, Simony, Pluralism, Absenteeism Bad Organisation Influence of the Renaissance The Printing Press Power Of Kings and Princes
Nepotism Employing family members to church positions
Pluralism Bishops and Cardinals had more than one diocese
Absenteeism A cardinal could only live in one diocese - absent from the others
Bad Organisation Popes/Cardinals behaved like princes....Priests were often uneducation
Luther's 95 Theses Complaints about the Catholic Church
Wittenburg Castle Where Luther nailed his theses
Indulgences These were pardon from sins
John Tetzel Sold Indulgences
Guttenberg's printing press Helped spread Luther's ideas
Justification by faith alone Luther believed you only had to believe in God to get to heaven
Latin The language Luther wrote his 95 Theses in
Cardinal Cajetan The cardinal who tried to persuade Luther to change his ideas
John Eck Luther had a public debate with him. Luther questioned the authority of the pope
Papal bull A letter sent from the Pope
Excommunication You are no longer allowed to receive the sacraments
Burning of the Bull Luther burned the bull and was excommunicated
Charles V This Holy Roman Emperor was asked to deal with Luther
The Diet of Worms A meeting of parliament to meet at Worms
Edict This ORDER was issued after the Diet of Worms
Frederick the Wise Ruler of Saxony - took Luther to Wartburg Castle
Wartburg Castle Luther spent a year here, translating the New Testament into German
Protestants Princes who Protested to the empire that they were allowed to practice their own religion
Peace of Augsburg, 1555 Each ruler was free to decide the religion of his or her state
Result of Luther's Reformation 1. Germany was divided along religious lines
Result of Luther's Reformation 2. Use of Vernacular language increased
Vernacular language Every day language
Result of Luther's Reformation 3 Literacy and education spread
Result of Luther's Reformation 4. Lutheranism is strongest in northern Europe.
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