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History Studyguide 2

Studyguide for history

What did the 13th Amendment to the constitution do? It freed all the slaves in the U.S and the territories.
What were block codes designed for? They're designed for limiting the rights of formal slaves
The Freedmen's Bureau helped former slaves by doing what? By building schools to help them learn to read
After 1858, Colorado's Pikes Peak was the site of what business activity? Mining
What was the name of a city that grew at the end of a cattle trail? Cheyenne, Wyoming
What president of a crime did the senate acquaint? President Andrew Jackson
Was Abraham Lincoln assassinated before or after General Robert E. Lee surrendered at the end of the Civil War? After
How is a sharecropper paid? With part of the crops
How was a steel plow important on the Great Plains? The tough sod was hard to turn over so the steel plow could cut through the sod.
who did General George Custer encounter at the Little Bighorn River? The Sioux
Where did the Transcontinental railroad stretch? From the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
How did George Washington aid railroads? The Air-brake
What is the process that's important for the production of oil? Oil refining
What is the name of the oil company that once controlled most of the oil refining in the U.S? Standard Oil Company
Created by: Dumb Blond
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