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7th Social Studies

Chapter 6

Author of "Common Sense" who ridiculed the idea of rule by kings. Thomas Paine
Who introduced the Virginia resolution to Congress? Richard Henry Lee
What is a formal complaint? grievance
introduction preamble
Proclaimed that the United Colonies should be free and independent States. Virginia Resolution
Paine's "Common "Sense" pamphlet increased support for this in the colonies... Independence
The Declaration of Independence is based on the idea of what? Natural rights
Both Patriots and Loyalists were a what at the start of 1776? Minority
John Adams and who suggested only minor changes to Jefferson's writing in the Declaration of Independence? Benjamin Franklin
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
When did Congress APPROVE the Declaration of Independence? July 4, 1776
When was the Declaration of Independence SIGNED? August 2, 1776
A French noble who became a high ranking officer in Washington's army Marquis de Lafayette
A German baron who directed the training of Washington's army Friedrich von Steuben
Casimir Pulaski led and trained these mounted troops for the Continental army Calvary
In Trenton, Washington's soliders captured almost a thousand of these Hessian mercenaries
What British commander gathered his forces on Staten Island in the summer of 1776? Sir William Howe
Who wrote a pamphlet called "The Crisis" that helped raise morale when American spirits were low? Thomas Paine
What Battle was considered a turning point of the Revolutionary War? Battle of Saratoga
Where did Washington's army spend the hard winter of 1777-1778 Valley Forge, PA
Connecticut officer who volunteered for a dangerous spy duty to collect information about British battle plans on Long Island Nathan Hale
What river did Washington and his troops cross to attack the enemy on Christmas night, 1776? Delaware River
Soliders who are paid to fight for a country other than their own Mercenaries
Reason; careful thought Logic
Fail to keep or infringe on Violate
Of great importance Vital
To change from one thing or condition to another Transform
Formal agreement between two powers to work together toward a common goal. Alliance
People not in the military. Civilians
Paper money printed by Congress Continentals
To keep within certain limits Confine
Armed civilian ships that had their govenrments permission to attack enemy ships and keep their goods. Privateers
People who change sides in a conflict Traitors
General who took charge of the Continental army in the South in 1780 Nathanael Greene
British commander who surrendered at Yorktown Charles Cornwallis
Fighters who work in small bands and make hit-and-run attacks Guerrillas
Following the capture of Charles Town, the British took over all of.... South Carolina
American General Daniel Morgan won a clear victory in the Battle of... Cowpens
The treaty ending the American Revolutionary War was signed where Paris
The ideals of the Declaration of Independence helped to inspire leaders of what Revolution in 1789? French
Created by: Iglehart
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