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JH--Manifest Destiny

JAHKMLHS C9 Manifest Destiny

Narcissa Whitman This woman and her husband founded a mission among the Indians in the Walla Walla Valley in Oregon
rendezvous system This was devised by mountain men so that fur trappers could gather once a year to sell furs and purchase supplies
Brigham Young This Mormon leader led thousands of Mormons to Salt Lake City and helped them establish a strong Mormon community there
Donner Party This group became stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and forty-two members died
Manifest Destiny This ideology is a belief that God intended the United States to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean
Great American Desert To many people this region between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains seemed to be a Sahara habitable only to Indians
Joel Poinsett This U. S. minister to Mexico in 1825, who negotiated a treaty reaffirming the boundary agreement made with Spain; is probably better remembered for his botanical skills
William Becknell This man who blazed a trail from Missouri to Santa Fe made huge profits trading his merchandise for furs, livestock, and silver; moreover, his actions encouraged other American merchants to follow
Thomas Hart Benton This Senator from Missouri, who opposed slavery, staunchly advocated government support of frontier exploration during his term in the Senate from 1820 - 1850
Oregon Trail This route, the longest and most famous of the routes west, stretched 2000 miles from Independence, Missouri, to the Willamette Valley
Horace Greeley This founder and editor of the New York Tribune popularized the saying "Go west, young man."
Mormon Trail This route was used especially to bring settlers from Illinois to Utah
Treaty of Fort Laramie With this agreement Indians like the Sioux and Cheyenne agreed to recognize the right of the United States Government to establish roads, military and other posts, within their respective territories
James Bowie This hero of the Alamo was killed in his bed because he was ill with tuberculosis
San Jacinto This final battle of the Texas Revolution resulted in independence for Texas
empresarios These agents contracted with the Mexican government to bring settlers to Texas in the 1820’s
Tejanos These native Mexicans lived in Texas and supported the Texas Revolution
Santa Anna This President of Mexico held dictatorial control over the Mexican Government
Gonzales This Texas city became the “Lexington” of the Texas Revolution a skirmish was fought here as Mexicans tried to reclaim a cannon
Alamo This former mission after withstanding a 12 day siege was stormed by Mexican soldiers on March 6, 1836
Goliad This aftermath of this battle witnessed the worst massacre in the Texas Revolution--more than 300 rebels were executed after surrendering
Sam Houston This good friend of Andrew Jackson led the army of the rebels in the Texas revolution and became the first president of Texas
Treaty of Velasco This agreement ended the war for Texas Independence
William Travis This man was the military commander at the Alamo
Fifty-four forty or Fight This slogan referred to the northern boundary of the Oregon Territory which many Americans insisted should be the upper limit of the United States
John Slidell This Louisiana lawyer was sent to Mexico City in 1845 to work out a deal to purchase the New Mexico and California Territories; however, he failed
Winfield Scott This Mexican War hero who led 10,000 American troops to capture Mexico City on September 14, 1847
San Patricios This group of Irish-Americans fought for Mexico in the Mexican War
Nueces River Mexico wanted the border of Texas to be drawn at this river
Stephen Kearny This commander led American forces and secured Santa Fe and the New Mexico Territory during the Mexican War
Bear Flag Revolt This uprising against Mexico by American settlers in California broke California free of Mexican rule
Californios These people were Spanish settlers who lived in California
Zachary Taylor This United States commander, nicknamed “Old Rough and Ready,” defeated a numerically superior Mexican force at Buena Vista
Zachary Taylor This man was ordered to lead his troops into the disputed territory of Texas between the Nueces River and Rio Grande
John Tyler This man signed the joint resolution of Congress annexing Texas as part of the United States
John C. Fremont This man was named civil governor of California and then was court-martialed in Washington for disobedience to a superior’s command
Buena Vista This was the last battle of the northern campaign in the Mexican War and was fought primarily with militia
Mexican-American War This 17 month event resulted in the addition to the United States of more territory than was added by the Louisiana Purchase
James K. Polk This man who became President in 1845 ordered U. S. troops to move to the Rio Grande. This move precipitated the Mexican War
Winfield Scott This man led the American troops in taking Veracruz and then across central Mexico in battles at Cerro Gordo, Contreras, and others
Rio Grande Texas claimed this river as it southern border
Spot Resolution Congressman Abraham Lincoln supported this proposition to find the exact location where American troops were fired upon, suspecting that they had illegally crossed into Mexican territory
Nicholas Trist This man was sent as a special envoy by President Polk to Mexico City in 1847 to negotiate an end to the Mexican War
John Sutter Swiss adventurer on whose California property gold was first discovered
James Marshall This carpenter detected yellow flakes of gold at the bottom of a wooden canal; responsible for the start of the gold rush
Forty-niners These gold seekers traveled to California during the gold rush
Pony express This service offered quicker mail delivery between Missouri and California using relays of young, relatively light riders on fast horses
Mexican Cession This land was given to the United States through the agreement ending the Mexican War.
Gadsden Purchase This land was acquired from Mexico and included southern parts of present day Arizona and New Mexico
Caroline This ship was burned on the United States side of the Niagara River by Canadian militia because it was supplying rebels on Navy Island
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo This agreement ended the Mexican War
Wilmot Proviso This resolution which was passed by the House but not by the Senate would have made slavery illegal in any land acquired from Mexico in the Mexican War
Gadsden Purchase This agreement with Mexico acquired land than might be used for a southern route for a transcontinental railroad
Created by: jim.haferman
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