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Ch.4 13 colonies

Chapter 4 Growth of thirteen colonies review

What were the laws governing slaves? Slave codes
What was written by Benjamin Franklin? Albany Plan of Union
What was the clash between the French and British that started in 1756? Seven Year's War
What is a group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies called? A militia
The religious revival that swept through the colonies was called what? Great Awakening
What were the small farms called in the southern colonies? Backcountry
The Treaty of Paris marked the end of what power in North America? France
What was the leg of the triangular trade route in which enslave Africans were shipped to the west Indies? Middle Passage
What was the name of the region with large Southern plantations? Tidewater
What directed trade between England and the colonies? Navigation Acts
What was the powerful group of Native Americans know as? Iroquois Confederacy
What halted westward expansion? Proclamation of 1763
What was the religious revival called? Great Awakening
Which leader recognized that British settlers threatened the Native Americans' way of life? Pontiac
Which plan called for one general government for all of the American colonies? Albany Plan of Union
What was an important New England industry? Shipbuilding
How did England view its North American colonies? As an economic resource
Who exemplified the Enlightenment? Bemjamin Frankland
Which proposal sought to unite the American colonies against the French? Albany Plan of Union
Which theory holds that a nation's power depends on expanding its trade? mercantilism
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