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Civil War

Road to Disunion Checkpoint 11-21-14

What underlying issue led the Us to the Civil WAr states rights, economic differences, slavery,
What was stated in the missouri compromise Missouri will come in as a slave state, can't have slaves north the 36-30 with acception to the Missouri Compromise
the amount of power a state government has in relation to the amount of power held by the federal gov't in making the decisions state's rights
What leads to the exponential growth of slaver in the USA cotton gin, mechanical reaper, railroad systems
Planters used slaves for planting cotton, harvesting cotton, and to operate cotton gins
The economy of the south depended largely on what crop... cotton
The south wanted slavery to do what expand into new territories
the north hoped to do what with slavery contain it
Why didi congress pass a tariff on english goods? make it more expensive so people would buy american made products
nullify means... cancel a federal law… to declaw invalid
how do georgians respond to the tariff? nulification controversy
What did south carolina threaten to do at the controversy threatened to withdraw front he union but jackson threatened to attack them
Henry clay developed a plan to lower the tax over a 10 year period of time
what are the 2 problems in the missouri compromise congress was already balanced farming economy
Missouri will come in as a what state slave
maine will come in as a what state free
36-30 south... south slave state, north free state of the lousianna purchase
Problems in california are... theres gold there and they want to make it a state fast, northerners dont want Cali. to be a slave state because they don't want slaves panning for gold
solution to california is... Compromise of 1850
California's a what state free state (congress is off balanced and is in favor of free states)
Fugitive slave act- guarantees the return of slaves to their owners if caught in the north (targeting Underground Railroad)
Georgia platform- 1st state to speak out threatens to succeed unless the fugitive act is added to the compromise of 1850
nebraska and Kansas should both be free because of what the missouri compromise 36-30
solution to nebraska and kansas is the kansas and nebraska act of 1854
what are kansas and nebraska popolar over the rule or ruler,
problems in the kansas and nebraska act of 1854 are riots break out… resulting in the nickname for kansas which is "bleeding kansas"… kansas is a free state
Nebraska remains what a territory because of what chaos took place in kansas
Dred Scott does what for his freedom sues
Scott does what to the fugitive act challenges fugitive act because he'd been in free states
Fugitive slave actt is what because of scott upheld_ slaves/free blacks aren't citizens & have no rights in court system
Election of 1860 Abraham Licoln gets elected because north votes for him
Southerners votes are divided by 2 other men.
beginning with Sc southern states do what succeed because of the election of abraham lincoln
Why is the nebraska and kansas act repelling against the Missouri compromise because it's above the 36-30 and are allowed to vote,
The fugitive Act is apart of the what? Compromise of 1850
the compromise of 1850 goes with... california
Which vocabulary term describes the belief that powers that are not expressly given the national government belong to the state? states rights
Which vocabulary term describes the action of states that choose to remove themselves from the union? succession
Which vocabulary term describes the action of states that attempt to invalidate federal law? nullification
Which vocabulary term describes a system in which most common belief, opinion, or idea becomes a law? popular sovereignty
WHat were some of the 2 main causes of the American Civil War? slavery state's rights
How did Norhtern manufacturers attempt to compete with British manufacturers, whose products were cheaper? Northern manufacturers asked Congress to pass a tariff
In what event o southern states become outraged and threaten to ignore the tariff on British goods? Nullification Controversy (or Nullification Crisis)
Why was it important to many people to keep balance between the number of free states and slaves states in the union To maintain a balance between pro-slavery and anti-slavery representatives in Congress, particularly in the Senate
Which law set the precedent for admitting 2 slave states at the same time, one slave and one free? Missouri Compromise
wWhich law admitted Missouri as a slave state MAine as a free state and forbade slavery north of the 36 30 parallel? Missouri Compromise
Which law upset the balance of congress by allowing california to be admitted as a free state? Compromise of 1850
WHat was the GA platform? Georgia officially stated that they would secede if California was admitted as a free state unless the Fugitive Slave Act was also passed.
WHat law that punished runaway slaves and those who helped them escape was added to the Compromise of 18050 in an attempt to appease southern states? Fugitive Slave Act
The Kansas-Nebraske allowed Kansas to determine slave status by popular sovereignty. How did this result in "bleeding Kansas" Citizens from surrounding states moved to Kansas to vote in the election. The result was fighting and death at the voting polls.
WHat slave attempted to sue for his freedom because he had lived in a free state? dred Scott
In which Supreme Court ruling did the court deny slaves the rights of citizens stating that they were property? Missouri vs. Dred Scott Case
What law was determined unconstitutional by the US Supeme Curt because it denied citizens the right to property Missouri Compromise
What event directly causes the southern states to begin debate secession Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860
What georgian statesman told Georgians that Lincoln was not their enemy and warned that civil was would lead to economic ruin Alexander Stephens
in what year did GA secede? 1861
Who was elected in 1860 Abraham lincoln
In what year did the tariff occur 1832
In what year did the missouri compromise take place? 1820
In what year did the the Georgia platform/ Compromise of 1850 take lace? 1850
In what year did the kansas nebraska act take place? 1854
in what year did the Dred Scott Court Case take place? 1857
In what year did the election of abraham lion take place? 1860
What year did GA secede? 1861
List the events in order… the tariff, election, missouri compromise, kansas-nebraska, compromise of 1850/GA platform, GA secession Misouri Compromise, tariff, Compromise of 1850/ GA platform, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Dred Scott Court CAse, Election of 1860, and GA seceeding
Created by: ewoodham
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