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Social Studies chp 4

5th Grade Social Studies Chapter 4

cash crop a crop that people grow and sell to earn money
compact an agreement
cape a strip of land that sreches into a body of water
diversity the variety of people in a group
tolerance respecting beliefs that are different from ones own
indentured servant someone who agreed to work for a number of years in exchange for the cost of a voyage to North America
missionary a person who teaches his of her religion to others who have different beliefs.
Roanoke off the coast of present day North Carolina John White was the leader of the colony the colonist dissappeared when John White returned to the colony
Jamestown the first successful colony the land was swampy and damp John Smith said "who does not work, will not eat" cash crop was tobacco Pocahontas was married to John Rolfe in 1614
Plymouth Colony The Virginia Company of London agreed to let the Pilgrims build a community in the colony of Virginia in 1620 Came to America for religious freedom arrived in America in November the Mayflower Compact was an agreement to make and obey laws for the general good of the colony
Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans wanted to make themselves pure or free from fault bought a large group of people with a variety of skills John Winthrop was the governor
New Netherlands the first settlements were fur trading posts Dutch, German, English, Swedish, French and African 18 different languages were spoken
New France Missionaries taught Catholicism furs were traded between the French and Huron/Algonquins the cold climate made farming difficult
Charter a document giving permission to a person or a group to do something
invest to put money into something to earn more money
stock a piece of ownership ina company
Pilgrim a person who makes a long journey for religous reasons
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