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Chapter 10 michelleb

Chapter 10

goes to another country for religious work missionary
African descendants work together to free all Africans Pan-African
racial segregation Apartheid
apartheid ended 1991
Africans earned right to vote 1994
Earth's only continent Pangaea
Two major resources for Africa diamonds and gold
What do paleontologists study fossils
one of the first major groups of people in Africa Bantu
what was the spreading of the Bantu people across Africa Bantu Migration
Europeans went to Africa to do what look for diamonds and gold
largest lake in africa lake victoria
longest river in africa Nile
a raised area of level land plateau
an area with a series of steep walled valleys great rift valley
land in the south and east highland
land in the north and west lowland
desert spreading desertification
highest mountain in africa Kilimanjaro
muslim leader who created Mali and took over Ghana Sundiata
empire rich in gold known as the Land of Gold and located in the Niger River Valley Ghana
empire conquered by Mali and defeated by the Moroccan army Songhai
ruler of Mali in 1312 when the empire flourished Mansa Musa
a group of traders traveling by camels caravan
flat grassland with scattered trees and shrubs savanna
belief that one race is inferior to another racism
many different cultures and viewpoints diversity
what are the 4 climate regions and tell about them desert-Sahara semiarid-suffering from desertification tropical-rain forests equatorial- 2 rainy seasons and two dry seasons
why did Africans need salt stay alive preserve meat trade for other goods
how did slavery change when Europeans arrived in Africa raided towns 10 to 12 million were sent to Europe died from starvation and disease US Denmark and UK made slavery illegal slave owners took all the young men so villages suffered
difference between Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups had to carry cards and Tutsi had the most cows so they were treated better
Why did Madagascar become an island Tectonic plates near Africa are moving and separating creating rifts
Created by: michelleb