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Revolutionary Test

What was Fort Ticonderoga? -located along the Hudson River, near the New York-Vermont border -the fort housed cannons and supplies -Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen led an on the British and caught them by surprise -captured without a fight
What was Bunker Hill? -three major generals arrived in Boston to assist Lt. Gen. General Gage: Sir William Howe, Sir Henry Clinton, John Burgoyne -the American forces dug into Breed's Hill -the Americans ran out of gunpowder and were forced to retreat
What was the Battle of Quebec? -Gen. Richard Montgomery led and army from Fort Ticonderoga, while Benedict Arnold led a second army through Maine, and joined forces in Quebec -the French Canadians provided little support -USA lost -Montgomery was killed, Arnold was wounded
What was Moore's Creek Bridge? -Gen. Henry Clinton joined forces with Cornwallis to begin a major offensive in the South -Considered the "Lexington and Concord of the South"
What was Long Island? -The British retreated to Canada -Washington moved south and split his army between Manhattan and Long Island -Goal of the British was to gain a surrender of the Continental Army
What was Trenton? -Congress fled to Baltimore -all dictatorial powers were given to Washington -Howe chased Washington across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania -Hessians guarded Trenton -Hessian John Rall was mortally wounded
What was Princeton? -Howe dispatched a large force under Cornwallis to Trenton -When it was dark, Washington moved 400 troops -men were left behind to give the illusion of a full camp -Gen. Mercer was killed
What was the Northern Campaign? -John Burgoyne's plan was have 3 armies converge on Albany to control the Hudson and cut off New England from the rest of the colonies -LOOK AT NOTES NOW!!!
What was the Philadelphia Campaign? -made up of 3 battles -Brandywine, Paoli, and Germantown -British won all battles
What was Monmouth? -Clinton replaced Howe as commander of British forces in America -Charles Lee was told to attack Clinton's army but demonstrated poor leadership -Washington took command at critical moment -"Molly Pitcher" legend -Last major battle in the North
What was the Southern Campaign? -Clinton focused on the South -LOOK AT NOTES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What was the Final Campaign? -Cornwallis moved his army north -Militia attacked outposts and supplies -Cornwallis settled in Yorktown -The French blocked Chesapeake Bay
What was Yorktown? -8000 soldiers laid down their arms as a British drum and fife played "the world turned upside down" -The last major engagement of the Revolutionary War
Created by: SSSullivan