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SC Colony and Slaves

Social Studies Mini Assessment Review

The colonists who settled Carolina under the Lords Proprietors did not make a profit as was hoped, so what happened as a result? The Lords Proprietors sold it back to the King of England and it became a royal colony.
Barbados colonists introduced a plant into South Carolina that eventually led to the development of a money crop. What was it? sugar cane
Where did the idea of slavery come about in South Carolina? settlers from Barbados
In 1670, a group of English colonists from Barbados came to South Carolina to do what? Colonize South Carolina, but the settlement eventually disappeared.
Why would some African American slaves sing songs on the plantation? The songs contained code words giving messages to fellow slaves.
Some African Americans began to speak a language made up of several African languages and colonial English. What was it called? Swahili
Nearly one out of every three slave children died by the age of 16. Which of the following statements best describes the reason why? They had diseases or were born so unhealthy, they could not withstand the harsh life of slavery
Slaves would sing songs as they worked on the plantations. Many of these songs are still around today. Which of the following songs was sung by the slaves? Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Who spoke the Gullah language? African slaves
What did slaves need in order to leave the plantation for a short period of time? a ticket or pass from the master
Created by: demeturiakelly
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