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SS-Ch. 5

Regions textbook Ch. 5

Which treaty divided the Northwest Territory into two parts? The Treaty of Fort Harmar
Why did the Native Americans disagree with the peace treaties? The leaders who signed the treaties did not represent all of the Indians
Why did the Americans think that they had a right to the land They won the war against the Indians
Why were the Americans better fighters than the Indians? They had better weapons
Who was sent to protect Fort Washington? General Harmar
Who fought General Harmar in 1790? Little Turtle and Blue Jacket
Little Turtle and Blue Jacket's men ____________________ or surprised the Americans. They _______________. ambushed, won
Why was General Wayne a smart leader? He studied all the ways of the Indians and understood them.
Who fought in the Battle of Fallen Timbers? Anthony Wayne and Blue Jacket
Which treaty allowed the Indians to live in the northwestern area of Ohio? The Treaty of Greenville
Why was a wampum given at the signing of a peace treaty? It is a Native American symbol for peace
Which group received more land as a result of the Treaty of Greenville? The Americans
What were the first rules for the Northwest Territory called? The Marietta Code
Name two punishments for people who broke the Marietta Code To pay a fine or work around the settlement or be banished or sent away.
The second set of laws for the area were called_____________________. Maxwell's Code
A _______________is a government which allows the people to elect their leaders. Democracy
A _______________ is the count of the population. Census
How many white males needed to live in the area to be permitted to create a legislature? 5,000
St. Clair did or did not want Ohio to become a state? did not
What is the Enabling Act and why is it important in Ohio? It allowed Ohio to become a state before having the required 60,000 people
A ___________ contains the basic laws of a state or a country. Constitution
What was the capital of the Northwest Territory? Chilicothe
What was Ohio's first capital? Chilicothe
After our new STATE constitution was written, who was permitted to vote? white men who paid taxes
Who was Ohio's first governor? Edward Tiffin
Ohio was the ___________ state added to the U.S. 17th
What do the stars on the flag mean? There are 17 because we were the 17th state.
What does the white circle on the flag represent? The O in Ohio
What does the red disc on the flag represent? The buckeye
What is the state nickname? The Buckeye State
Who was helping the Native Americans prepare to fight the frontier settlers? The British
Who was Shawnee leader that wanted to stop the loss of land to the settlers? Tecumseh
Why did Tecumseh form a confederacy of Indians? He wanted to stop the loss of Indian land to settlers
What was the name of Tecumseh's brother (real name)? Tenskwatawa
What was the nickname for Tecumseh's brother? The Prophet
What was the name of the village established by Tecomseh and Tenskwatawa? Prophetstown
Created by: SiemerKochHein
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