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History 12 week asmt

How many colonies? 13
Mayflower Compact Game plan put together by the pilgrims as they set ashore. Found out the why and covenent
Key result of French and Indian War Great Britain had a big debt that needed to be paid, so they taxed colonists
Writs of Assistance Authorized British officers to inspect cargo without permission
Samual Adams Organized the Sons of Liberty Group
Sons of Liberty Group set up to protest British polocies
Patrick Henry "Give me liberty or give me death"
Common Sense A booklet written by Thomas Paine that had ideas that influenced colonists to be independent from Britain
First Continental Congress 1.) Don't buy British goods 2.) Don't sell to British 3.) States ordered to form militias
Thomas Jefferson Authorized declaration of Independence
4 parts of declaration of independence 1.) Preamble 2.) new idea for government 3.) Reasons for seperation 4.) Formal declaration of Independence (declaration upon God- divine providence)
Created by: lyndseyjeffries