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SCH- 11/12- MRS

problemly misspelled alot of stuff

sailor that steals from other ships pirate
gov. approved pirating priavteer
desitnated area around the town township
military force composed of ciztens militia
formal agreement between 2 or more nations treaty
church district in colonial SC it was also election district 4 the commons( i think) parish
area above fall line(SC) back country
back country militia rangers
1682 3 countys
1702 St. Augustine
1706 Charles town
1710 NC/SC
1715 Yemassee War
1719 commons House - revolts - LPs
1729 SC = royal colony
1730 R. Johnson - gov.- returns
1730 township plan put into practice
1743 Glenn gov.
The... and... became controllers of colonys king and queen
split colonys into ... groups and called them ... 3, domains
assembly was not _ elected
What happen in England before they started slipting the colonys, what was it called there was a revolt, Glorious Revolution
King James 2 was a ... and was... Cathlic, ran off
After King James 2 ... and ...( who was also king of the ...) took the throne, did they have children Queen Mary, King William, Neitherlands, no
Mary's sister... became queen she waa also queen of... Anne,Scottland
...,England,... joined together to become ...of... and ... Scottland,Irland, United Kindom,Great Britian and Irland
by 1740 all colonys were royal except for...,...,...,... PA,CT,RI,MD
Queen Anne didnt have children so king... became king George 1
King George cam from ... and went back after becoming king of ... Germany, England
who ruled when King George was not in England Privy Consil
small group in PC who made most of the decisons were known as the cabinet
Main person in charge of the PC was called the Prime Minister
... ran the colonys was no... and what the ... said was rules Bot, constitution, BOT
SC split into 3 countys:...- middle country(... river to the...river) ...- everything south of ......- north of (the first conuty) Berkeley,stono,seewee,Colation,Bulls Bay,Craven, Berkeley
... had civil war spanish
wat happen to the spainish when they had a civil war:...,...,...,... ran out of kings, everyone wanted to be king, got friends and started to fight, got alot of territory taken
Gov. ... lead attack on St. ..., wat did he do when he got there how did they get home, who had done this before him James Moore , Augusting, burned the ships, by foot, Decoda
Moore attacked ... and lead more attacks on .. Indains, St. Augustine
Spainsh attacked ... what were the results Charles town, 40 were killed and we captured 230
who won in the Yeamassee War we did
Indain s realized that English was going to do what expand
planters wanted things that ... didnt merchants
what did planters want:...,...,... paper money, was concerned about indains and slaves, wanted a armey or navy to protect them
what did merchants want coin money or plants
in 1719 there was a ... what was it called, what started it, who was the gov. at the time, lasted ... years revolt, revolt of 1719,the commons put out a writen petion on getting the LPs out, Robert Johnson,10
robert johnson was on the... side LPs
new gov. ... (after R. Johnson(1st time) James 2
... kept tellin colonys to work it out BOT
... buys carollina from..., how did he get it from the other one King 7 of 8 Lps, he offers big piece of land in NC
Why didnt Lord Granville give his share to the king he liked to own land
who was the first royal gov. in SC Nicholson
what town was the 2nd sucessful town est. in SC Fort. Burfurd
what was the 3rd sucessful town est. in sc Georgetown
new gov. ... (after nicholson) R. Jonhson
what problems were Sc having no money, more black than whites, afaird of indain attacks
divide colony into 2 townships if didnt have town added one township plan
how did they get settlers to the back country(what did they suppl them) tools, food, a lot, fo arces, and transportation to place
in 1759 the back countrys pop. was 7,300 people
... indains were getting closer chairokee
... went to settle problems w/ indains Cuming
where did cuming meet the chairokee cheif(town), what was the cheif's name keowee, little carpender
cuming and l.c. came up w/ peace treaty, it lasted for ... years, who broke it 30, englis
when johnson died who became gov. glenn
glenn went to talk w/ indains what did he ask? what did he offer? if indains could be n our side, forts,people to man the forts and guns
what did indains give back when glenn went and spoke to them land on the savannah river
since back country was concerned what was formed rangers
what r some characheterics of the Frnch and indain war indains on both sides, fought in other countrys, at beginning indains were on americans side
what r some of the charactererics of the golden age of pirating didnt last long, england, spain, and french were to strong to go against each other face to face, what ever privateer brings back they get some of, tryed to get stuff by fear and intimadation
once europan made up what happened they told privateers not to do it anymore but they still did
even though pirates werent coming after english ships what happen english navy started capturing them
pirating was done alot on ...and... coasts bec... sc,nc, alot of places to hide
Created by: mrBECCAje