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Chap 6 History Gr.10

Washington and the Presidency was humbled when asked to serve, he doubted his abilities and was afraid people would think he wanted to be a king.
Bill of Rights First ten amendments to the US constitution and meant to protect individual liberties.
First U.S. Cabinet positions Secretary of State, Secretary of War, and Secretary of the Treasury
Hamilton and his beliefs first secretary of treasury, he was a federalists, capitalists, protected interest of the rich and believed in a loose constructionists's view of the conststitution
Judiciary Act of 1789 passed by congress to establish a federal court system
4th Amendment prohibits searches and seizures without a warrant
6th Amendment guarentees right to a speedy trial by an impartial jury
7th Amendment guarentees a jury trial in most civil cases
Washington and the General Public was common for people to ask to visit Washington, refused to isolate himself from the public
Anthony Wayne American general who was given command to protect 3,000 soldiers on the fronteir
Treaty of Greenville agreement between Indians and the US government that granted lands that make up much of present-day Ohio and parts of Indiana
Whiskey Rebellion challenged federal authority on passing a new taxon whiskey
Marie Antoinette Wife of King Louis XVI. She said the remark "let them eat cake" after demands for bread by the French poor in the food shortage
The Bastille Famous prison in France. On July 14, 1789 Revolutionaries stormed it, that started the French Revolution
Reign of Terror 1793-1794 in France. Thousands were beheaded due to the Revolution. The guillotine, which was named after a doctor.
Impressment British policy of seizing American ships on the Atlantic. They took supplies and made sailors become British
Edmund Genet French diplomat known as "Citizen Genet" came to US in 1793 to convince Americans to fight in Revolution. GW said no
Treaty of Paris was violated by the British who the started to assist Indians in Northwest Territory
Jay's Treaty British would stop arming indians in the Northwest Territory and agree to abandon their Northwestern forts
Right of Deposit A right given to the US to temporarily unload goods at New Orleans without paying duties to Spanish governments
Jefferson and Madison's party Democratic-Republian
Democratic-Republican beliefs feared a strong federal government and supported the idea of states rights
Adams and Hamilton's party Ferderalists
1800 Election Electoral tie between Jefferson and Burr. 12th amendment ratified in 1804 to prevent this from occuring again.
Burr's Deul Occurred on cliffs overlooking the Hudson,Burr and Hamilton fought, Burr shot Hamilton and won
Judicial Review power given to the Supreme Court to declare the constitutionality of the Congressional Acts
Marbury v. Madsion The first Supreme Court to make use of the judicial review
William Clark Along with Merriwheter Lewis, explored new Western Territories gained as a result of Louisiana Purchase
Napoleon Bonaparte French emperor who decided to unload his American land holdings to raise $ for armies fighting in Europe
Main reasons for sale of Louisiana by French when French lost Haiti in a slave revolt, they decided to concentrate on European affairs
Sacagawea became an American legend after she helped Lewis and Clark navigate through Louisiana Territory
Barbary Pirates From North Africa, harassed all ships sailing into the Mediterranean Sea
Orders in Council British laws passed in 1807, aimed at stopping neutral ships from trading with France
Embargo Act American act that stopped American Ships from trading with ALL foreign ports, to maintain neutralists
Non-Intercourse Act Loss of revenue due to embargo. Forced Americans to stop trade ONLY with France and England
U.S. Preparedness for War of 1812 Not prepared, due mostly to a poor, practically non-existent army and navy
Causes of the War of 1812 Economic concerns plus party politics between the Republicans and Federalists, plus a desire for new land
U.S. and Indian uprisings in early 1800s Americans had become convinced that it was the British responsible for the Indian uprisings
Battle of New Orleans Strangely occurred after the war ended-Americans, nevertheless, won over heavily favored British
Francis Scott Key In Baltimore, while watching the bombing of Ft. McHenry he noticed the American flag was there and jotted down lyrics which became our National Anthem
Treaty of Ghent Ended War of 1812 with conditions that were the same as the ones before the war
Hartford Convention unhappy with the Federal Government and their prosecution of the War of 1812
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