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What body of water surrounds Ancient Rome? Mediterranean Sea
Rome lies in what two hemispheres? The Northern and the _______________ Eastern
What continent is Rome in today? Europe
What country is Rome in today? Italy
What river is Rome located on today? Tiber
How many continents did Ancient Rome expand into? three
What is the act of giving or doing something? contribution
What word means changing your lifestyle based on your environment? adapting
What is a synonym for the word characteristic? trait
What is a synonym for the word ancient? old
What do we call a group of people living in the same place? community
What is the name of a structure used to transport water from streams to the people of Ancient Rome? aqueduct
What do we call a system that rules a country, state, or city? government
What type of democratic government did Romans participate in? representative
What type of architecture did Romans use in many of their buildings? arches
What is a synonym for trade? hillsides
This building is a great example of a Roman architectural element. Colosseum
Which one of the following is not a human characteristic of Ancient Rome: trading, farming, hunting, road building hunting
Rome is a city that was built on many _________. hills
Farming was tough in Rome because there was limited rich ___________ . soil
The Romans built _______ out of stones. One famous one is the Appian Way. roads
What type of land form has water on three sides? peninsula
An art form created by carving stone or wood sculpture
Aqueducts carried this to cities. water
What kind of resource would you use to find the definition of "republic"? dictionary
The word trait is a synonym for this word. characteristic
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