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US History Ch11 Test

Who started the first textile mill in America? Samuel Slater
Eli Whitney designed a method to use when making standardized rifles. What was this method? Interchangeable parts
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What does the government grant to protect the rights to an invention? Patent
What was America's first major industry? Textiles
Who invented the steel plow? John Deere
Who invented the reaping machine? Cyrus McCormick
Did the invention of the cotton gin reduce or increase the demand for slaves? It increased the need for slaves.
The South fell behind the North in developing industry. Why? They mostly relied on cotton experts for their income.
List two reasons that the cotton gin increased the differences between the South and the rest of the nation. The profitability of growing cotton increased and revitalized slavery, which was dying elsewhere in the nation. Cotton was such a huge profit that most of the South did not see the use in developing industry or transportation like the rest of the nation.
Who invented the steamboat? Robert Fulton
Why was road traveling so common in early America when boat travel was cheaper? Roads were the only way to reach landlocked areas.
What was America's first economically successful railroad? Baltimore & Ohio
Who was responsible for the building of the Erie Canal? DeWitt Clinton
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse
Define clipper ship- Fastest type of sailing ship ever built.
What event was said to be "What hath God wrought?" The first intercity telegraph message.
Who was the abolitionist editor of the Liberator? William Lloyd Garrison
Who was Frederick Douglas? One of the most brilliant, most eloquent, and most radical former slaves to write about his experience.
Who was the leader of the slave rebellion? Nat Turner
Who was the former slave who made trips to the South to lead slaves to freedom? Harriet Tubman
Who was Horace Mann? Public education reformer.
Was the Erie Canal in New York a great investment? Yes
What wrong motive lay behind public education in America? The educators believed that they could solve society's problems.
Who is the author of the elementary readers? William McGuffey
Who was the insane-asylum reformer? Dorothea Dix
Who was the British reformer who established New Harmony utopia? Robert Owen
What important area of reform did the Seneca Falls Convention pass? Women's suffrage
What was the Federalist style art? Early type of painting trying to copy the balanced, restrained styles of Europe.
What system of carrying mail across the continent began in 1860? And what put it out of business? Pony express, the telegraphy
Who was the famous architect who helped design the US Capitol? Charles Bulfinch
Who was the writer famous for writing short stories and poems about the dark side of human nature? Edgar Allan Poe
What was the difference between temperance and Prohibition? Temperance is moderate drinking of alcohol; Prohibition is the banning of the sale and consumption.
Who was known as the Father of American Methodism? Francis Asbury
Define circuit rider- Term used to describe a Methodist minister who traveled on horseback to the small frontier settlements in his region.
What revival affected the entire nation in the early nineteenth century? Second Great Awakening
What religion was popular among prominent Patriots, such as Thomas Paine? Deism
Who was the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church? Richard Allen
Who was the founder of modern revival methods? Charles Finney
In what college did Timothy Dwight encourage revival? Yale
Where was the greatest camp meeting revival held? Cane Ridge revival
What sect became America/s largest denomination by 1840? Methodist
What area was Unitarianism confined to? New England/Boston area
What was one weakness of the "New Measures?" Overemphasis on man's ability in conversion.
Who founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Joseph Smith
Who founded Salt Lake City, the Mormon "capital"? Brigham Young
"New Measures" was the name given to Charles Finney's methods for conducting revivals. What did these meetings consist of? Anxious bench, protracted meetings, judgement of God.
What group suffered persecution because men took more than one wife? Mormons
What biblical teaching did Baptist minister William Miller misuse? Second Coming of Christ
Compare and contrast Unitarianism and transcendentalism. Unitarianism denies the Trinity and the deity of Christ.They believe Jesus was man, so death provides no relief of sin.Men should live moral lives to please God.Transcendentalism promotes unbiblical philosophy.It denies the miracles and puts man in God's
What was the Prayer Meeting Revival of 1857-59? New York revival by layman evangelist Jeremiah Lamphier.
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