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Social Studies

New England Colonies

Who were the Puritans They had disagreements with the Church of England and instead of separating from the Church they wanted to reform it
How did people make a living in the New England colonies? (3 ways) Farmers grew crops and made leather goods Fishing Shipping industry
Who was John Wheelwright? He founded a colony in New Hampshire after being forced out of Massachusetts due to his agreement with Anne Hutchinson’s teachings
What was the Massachusetts Bay Company? 900 Puritans that had received a charter to establish colonies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire led by John Winthrop.
What was the Puritan’s primary reason behind colonizing in America? How did they contradict this? Answer 1:To worship as they chose Answer 2:They did not give non-Puritans the same right
What were town meetings? An assembly of townspeople that decides local issues
What did the town meeting do? (3 things) *set taxes and elected people to run the towns * gave New Englanders the opportunity to speak their minds *encouraged the growth of democratic ideas
Who was John Winthrop? A respected lawyer and landowner that led the Massachusetts Bay Company
Who was Roger Williams? Minister of the church in Salem who believed the Puritans should split entirely from the Church of England – settled a colony in Rhode Island
What did Anne Hutchinson do? Questioned some of the Puritan teachings and held worship in her home
What was the General Court? Massachusetts Bay’s elected assembly
How long could the General Court and the governor serve for before reelection? 1 year
Who was Thomas Hooker? Minister that disagreed with Puritan leaders, settling in Connecticut
religious toleration There would be no established, or official church; people of all faiths could worship as they see fit
How did Roger Williams’ colony in Rhode Island differ greatly from that of Massachusetts Bay? Those who settled there could practice their religion however they so choose
Who was Anne Hutchinson? Boston woman who was put on trial and expelled from Massachusetts Bay for speaking against the Puritan Church
What were the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut? Government of Connecticut in which the legislature and governor would be elected
What did Roger Williams criticize the colonists for? Criticized colonists that had seized Native American lands, specified that colonists should pay Native Americans for their land
What Happened, after the Puritans reformed England, to practicing Christianity? People practiced less and less by generation and their main focus was on running farms and businesses.
Created by: Natalieriv