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Chapter 6 Test

American Revolution

Patriots name given to Americans who supported independence
Philadelphia the American capital
Valley Forge where the Patriot forces endured a winter of terrible suffering
Saratoga American victory that was the turning point of the war and convinced the French to support the United States
Benjamin Franklin one of the men selected to represent the United States at the peace talks in Paris
John Jay one of the men selected to represent the United States at the peace talks in Paris
John Adams one of the men selected to represent the United States at the peace talks in Paris
Loyalists supported Britain and was strongest in the South and weakest in New England
South Carolina the only state that would not allow African Americans to enlist in the war
Marquis de Lafayette French nobleman who became Washington's trusted aide
John Paul Jones Patriot whose famous words were "I have not yet begun to fight"
Hessians mercenaries hired by Britain to fight against the Patriots
George Washington leader of the Continental Army and noble example to his troops that began his military career as a young commander in the French and Indian War
France country that supports the United States in war by sending troops, ships, and money
Treaty of Paris document that ends the war and formally has Great Britain recognizing the United States as an independent nation as well as establishing the western boundary of the US as the Mississippi River. It also gives Florida back to Spain.
Yorktown the battle that ended the Revolutionary War with a victory by the Patriots
British Advantages highly trained troops, best navy in the world, and support of many colonists
British Disadvantages armies 3,000 miles away from home, long time to receive supplies, no control of the countryside
Patriot Advantages were familiar with the countryside, commanded by George Washington, determined to defend their homes and land
Patriot Disadvantages forces poorly organized and trained, had few supplies, few colonists enlisted in the Continental Army
Causes of the Revolutionary War unfair taxation, British control over judges, limitations on colonial trade
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