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Biology The study of life
Biography The story of one's life written by another
Autobiography The story of ones life written by oneself
Biped Two footed animal
Bilingual Able to speak to two languages
bisect to cut into two equal parts
Bibliography a list of books written on a particular subject
Bibliophile A person who loves to read
Century A period of a 100 years
Centennial Happens every 100 years
Percent A piece of a 100
Circumference The distance around a circle
Circumscribe To draw around line
Chronicle Lasting a long time
Chronology Study of events in time
Synchron To happen at the same time
Democracy Government run by the people
Epidemic Rapidly spreading disease among the people
Dictate To speak; comand
Predict To say what will happen before hand
Contradict To say or speak against
Dictator One whose's word is law
Decade A period of 10 years or a group of ten
Decathlon An athletic contest with 10 events
Equal The same
Equality The condition of being equal
Equilateral Having all sides the same
Exit A way to go out
Expel To dive or throw out
Eject To throw out
Erupt To brake or burst out violently
Emigra To move out of the country and settle in another
Geography Writing/drawing about the earth
Geology The study of the earth
Geologist Ways to measure the earth
Polygon A closed shape with three or more sides/angles
Pentagon A shape with five sides and angles
Hydrant Water pipe used for fighting fires, a fire hydrant
Dehydrate To remove all water from
Rehydrate To put water back; to restore
Hyperactive Over active
Hypersonic Moving at a speed equal to or over five times the speed of sound
Homicide To kill another human being
Homonym Words that sound the same but have different spellings and meaning
Homogenous Formed by parts of the same kind
Inject to throw or drive into
Interject to throw between
Object To throw against
Reject To throw back
Junction The place where things join
Conjunction A word joining two parts of a sentence together
Juncture A critical point in time
Illegal Against the law
Immortal Unable to die
Inequality To be not equal
Infinite Having no limits
Invincible Incurable
Irregular Not regular, having different sided part
Interstate Between two or more states
Interrupt To break in when someone is speaking
Created by: Rachel Francis
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