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Chapter 14 Quiz

What was it Called when Bishops sold their position in the church? Simony
What was It called when The kings would choose the priests and the bishops? Lay Investiture
Pope Gregory VII and _______ were the ones who got rid of simony and the marriage of priests in the church. Pope Leo IX
Who founded the Franciscan order for women? Clare and Francis of Assissi
what were the differences between Romanesque architecture and Cathedrals? Cathedrals were brighter and taller
What was another name for Gothic architecture? Cathedrals
Who started the Crusades? Pope Urban II
What was another name for Gothic architecture? Cathedrals
Who started the Crusades? Pope Urban II
What was the goal of the crusades? To conquer Holy land
Richard the Lion-Hearted, Frederick I, and _________ led the third crusade. Philip II
What did farmers switch to in the 800s to increase the speed of growing crops? Horses
Why were guilds created? to organize trade
What made Towns So popular? They were the center of trade and were cheep to live in
What did Scholars read from and write in? a Vernacular
Who Wrote the Summa Theologicae? Thomas Aquinas
What was the Nickname for the duke of Normandy during the Norman Conquest? William the Conquorer
What Battle decided that William owned England? The battle of Hastings
What caused the Magna Carta to be written? King John was being an unfair ruler
What did the Magna Carta do? Put a check on royal power
Philip Augustus Had success over what Ruler? King John
What was a nickname for the Bubonic Plague? The Black Death
How much of the population did the Plague wipe Out? One Third
What Happened When The pope tried to move the Church It Severely weakened the church permenantly
What was an important weapon in the Hundred years war? The Long Bow
Created by: 19bbross