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test 11-18-14

deb shelton chapter 7 etc.

watchdog function party out of power criticizes the policies and behavior of the party in power
What pivotal role do parties play in democratic government? vital link between people and their government bringing conflicted groups together to solve problems
What are the most important functions performed by parties in American politics? Nominating Function, Informer-Stimulator Function, Bonding Agent Function, Governmental Function, Watchdog Function
What four factors help to explain why we have a two-party system in the United States? 1) Historical Basis 2) Tradition 3) Electoral System 4) American Ideological Consensus
Since 1800 the history of the American party system can be divided into what three major eras? 1. Era of the Democrats (1800-1860 led by Jefferson) 2.Era of Republicans (1860-1932 led by business, finical interest, farmers, laborers, and blacks) 3. Return of the Democrats (1932-1968 FDR elected 4 times)
What are the major characteristics of the typical minor party in American politics? 1. ideological parties, 2. single-issue parties, 3. economic protest parties, 4. splinter movement parties
Why have minor parties been important in politics in the United States? plays a spoiler role
On which level (local, state, or national) are minor parties more successful? Why? local, because of its size
What are the main elements of major party organization at the national level? 1. National Convention, meets in Presidential elections 2. National Committee, handles party matters between conventions 3. National Chairperson, heads up national committee 4. Congressional Campaign Committee, help get people in office re-elected
Amendment 1 Freedom of Religion: Establishment Clause - states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
Amendment 4 Search and Seizure: Exclusionary Clause – if they ask to search property without search warrant, can’t look in places for something that it obviously can’t be otherwise it would be excluded in court
Amendment 12 says that the electors have to vote separately for President and Vice President (changes the original Constitution)
Amendment 14 1. defines citizenship 2. due process - means equal protection under the law
Amendment 20 known as the “lame-duck amendment”; shortens the time in between election and inauguration. Moves inauguration from March to January 20th
Amendment 21 repeals the 18th
The Principles (1-3) 1. Government exists to protect rights, not to create them. 2. Just because a problem exists doesn't mean government should try to solve it. 3. Government has nothing to give anyone except what it first takes from someone else.
The Principles (4 & 5) 4. Free enterprise, not government, is the engine of personal economic prosperity. 5. The free market should not be distorted by government-designed dictates or advantages.
When the Democrats currently control the Senate, the watchdog party for the House is who? Democrats
The watchdog party for the Senate is who? Republicans
For congress the watchdog on January 15, 2015 is who? Democrat
Created by: a.allsup