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Globl ch23 list 3,4


Napoleon Bonaparte Military leader who seized power in France
Coup d' etat A sudden takeover of a government
Plebiscite Vote by the people
Lycée Government-run public school
Concordat Agreement
Napoleonic Code Complete set of laws set up by Napoleon that eliminated many injustices
Battle of Trafalgar British defeat of Napoleons forces at sea
Blockade Forced closing of ports
Continental System Napoleon's policy of preventing trade and communication between Great Britain and other European nations
Guerilla Spanish peasant fighter
Peninsular War War that Napoleon fought in Spain
Scorched-Earth Policy Policy of burning fields and slaughtering livestock so that enemy troops would find nothing to eat
Waterloo Battle in Belgium that was Napoleon's final defeat
Hundred Days Napoleon's last bid for power, which ended at Waterloo
Created by: beth weir