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Chp. 13

Wilmot Proviso President Polk sent a bill to Congress for funds to negotiate with Mexico while fighting was going on; David Wilmot attached an amendment to the bill called the Wilmot Proviso, whcih proposed that the US prohibit slavery in any place from Mexico
California Gold Rush John Sutter arrived in CA while the region was still under Mexican control and discovered gold. First wave of gold hunters came in 1849 *forty-niners
Compromise of 1850 Henry Clay offered a compromise that would allow CA to be admitted as a free state, abolish the slave trade-but not slavery-in the District of Columbia and a bunch of other stuff
Know nothings when members were asked about the nature of their secret order, they were taught to reply that they knew nothing about it
Pottawatomie Massacre John Brown's men butchered 5 proslavery settlers with swords, Brown wanted to kill all proslavery settlers
Secede to leave the Union
Calhoun Resolution Calhoun set down the Southern view of the status of slavery in the territories, saying territories are the common possesion of the states not the fed gov't
Forty-niners most followed the over-land route to CA, some 80,000 men came to CA in search for gold
Fugitive Slave Law stated the return of runaway slaves to bondage and became a powerful emotional tool for the abolitionists
John Brown financial abolitionist from Connecticut who had come to Kansas to help win the territory for the antislavery forces
Dred Scott v Sanfrod Scott was a slave owned by a dr and the dr. moved to a free state then died then his bro took him as a slave, which kept Dred captive
Jefferson Davis former Senator from Miss. and Sec. of War under Franklin Pierce who was eleected the Confederate States of America's first president
Free-soilers those who favored leaving slavery alone in the South where it already existed but opposed its extension into the territories
Free-eaters extremists who advocated the South's leaving the Union as the only way to preserve the Southern way of life
Underground Railorad the escape route for fugitive slaves through the Northern states
Roger Taney Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, examined the Missouri Compromise, and decided that Congress couldn't forbid slavery
Harpers Ferry Brown and his followers moved secretly to a farmhouse near Harpers Ferry
Fort Sumter Lincoln, Beauregard, Lincoln chose to fight rather than constitutional arguments, beginning of the Civil War
Created by: natmang97