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Chp. 12

Manifest Destiny the idea that America was providentially ordained to possess the North American continent
Alamo Santa Anna marched in & laid siege to this fortress; the Mexicans stormed the fort & killed all the defenders
Mormon Trail blazed by the Mormons when they fled from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City
Dark Horse nominee who had not been a serious candidate before the nominating convention & about whom little was usually known by the general public
Battle of Buena Vista Taylor's army was outnumbered, Mexicans finally retreated to Mexico City
Bear Flag Republic california, called this because flag had a bear on it
Marcus Whitman married to Narcissa, missionary couple, success among the Nez Perce Indians
Sam Houston told his tiny force holding the Alamo to destroy the fort and fall back, Jim Bowie & William Travis decided to hold their post and block the Mexican advance
Henry Clay the real head of the Whig Party
Liberty Party antislavery group objected to clay's shift
Stephen Kearny appointed by Polk to lead a force of 1500 men down the Santa Fe Trail to capture Nex Mexico
Winfield Scott assigned the task of an attack on Mexico City, called "Old Fuss and Feathers" because of his love for military pomp and discipline, not very popular with rank-and-file soldiers
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo added an additional 525,000 sq. miles to US territory, US paid Mexico 15 million and assumed all debts that Mexico owed to American citizens
Narcissa Whitman married to Marcus Whitman, missionary to the Nez Perce Indians with another couple
Santa Fe Trail more of a commercial route than a means of pioneer transportation, between Santa Fe in New Mexico and Indepenedence, Missouri
Webster-Ashburton resolved several border issues b/t US and British-North American colonies. Clarified the border between Minnesota and Canada
Mexican War Most violent phase of the Manifest Destiny
John C. Fremont "the Pathfinder of the West", supported settlers who revolted from Mexico and est. the "Bear Flag Republic"
Vera Cruz Mexican port where Scott's army captured the city in less than 3 weeks
Fur trade (trapping attracted British citizens to Oregon
Why did Secretary of State Daniel Webster decide not to resign with the rest of Tyler's cabinet? He had ongoing negotations with GB over the American-Canadian border
How was the Santa Fe Trail different from the Oregon and Mormon Trails? It was more of a commercial route than a means of pioneer transportation
New Mexico Campaign difficult march with no hard fighting, Stephen Kearny's first campaign
Taylor's campaign in Northern Mexico Commanded by Zachary Taylor
Scott in Central Mexico commanded by Winfield Scott, siege of Vera Cruz
California Campaign Led in part by Fremont AKA "Pathfinder of the West", Bear Flag Republic
Battle of Buena Vista Taylor's campaign in Northern Mexico
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