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Chp 11

Interchangeable parts Whitney designed a gun that was made of standardized, identical, machine-manufactured parts. Highly affected industry.
Erie Canal proved such a success that it had paid for itself in tolls in less than 10 years, from Albany to Lake Erie.
Prohibition banning; they banned the sale and consumption of alcohol
Transcendentalism primarily the creation of writer & lecturer Ralph Waldo Emerson. It's an optimistic, man-centered faith. It denies the miraculous and puts man in the place of God. Emerson taught that man was good & ultimately perfectible.
Utopian Utopian reformers sought to est. a small, perfect community that would serve as a model for the reform of society at large.
Patent no one else could legally copy the inventor's work while they held a patent
Clipper ship fastest sailing ship ever built; the steamship eventually advanced past it
Deism the "faith of several American leads; they beleived that God created the universe, set it in motion, then stood back to allow it to work.
Millerite Miller set a date for Christ's return, rumors said Millerites dressed in white "ascension robes" and waited on top of barns for the great return
Telegraph invented by Samuel F. B. Morse, Congress allowed for $30,000 for constructing a model telegraph system
Cotton gin a machine containing a series of metal teeth mounted on rollers which separated the cotton from the troublesome seeds
Abolitionism the most controversial reform movement during the first half of the 19th century, the movement to eliminate slavery
Circuit Riding created by Francis Asbury, he divided the land into circuits and a "circuit rider" would travel on horseback to each settlement, ministering to Christians and preaching to the lost
Mormonism founded by Joseph Smith, they teach that salvation rests on good works and one may eventually become a god, based off the book of mormon
Railroad the first economically successful railroad was the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
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