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WWI Test 11th Grade

U.S. History WWI Test

Nationalism Russia felt they were the protector of Slavic people, including Serbia. Serbia was under control of Austria-Hungary
Imperialism Germany, France, Great Britain competed for colonial possessions for raw materials and new markets.
Militarism Germany, France, Italy, Japan, U.S all competed in first version of an arms race.
Alliance System Triple Entente, Triple Alliance. Italy leaves and Ottoman Empire joined Germany/Austria-Hungary becomes Central Powers
Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
Triple Entente France, Russia, Great Britain
Franz Ferdinand Heir to Austro-Hungarian throne
"Trip to Sarajevo" Franz was inspector general of the austria-hungarian army
"The Powder Keg" European smallest problem lead to a huge issue(major conflict)
"The Black Hand" Group wanted Bosnia to leave Austrio-Hungarian Empire
"The End and Beginning" Gavrillo Princip assassin killed Franz and Sophie when they took the wrong turn and their car stopped.
Hold Russia on the eastern front and go through Belgium to Paris German Strategy #1
After France falls, the western front army would help eastern front defeat czarist Russia German Strategy #2
"Trench Warfare" British and French forces stopped German forces
Italian Front Austria-Hungary and Italy
Rats carried disease and gnawed at soldiers. Rotting corpses and gas filled landscape "Trench Warfare"
"European Problem" Americans felt that this was no place for U.S. involvement
British Blockade German coastline blockaded by British ships
German U-Boats Kaiser Wilhelm, all cargo headed for Britain would be considered contraband. Killed approx. 75,000 people. Allied propaganda used
Sinking of Lusitania Sunk on the coast of Ireland 1915. Killed 128 Americans. 3 more Americans killed in 1916.
Election of 1916 Woodrow Wilson v. Charles Evans Hughes
Wilson's campaign slogan "He Kept Us Out Of War"
Wilson called for... "Peace without victory", wanted League of Nations work for Democracy
Baron Von Richtofen "The Red Baron"
Zimmerman Telegram Sent to German ambassador in Mexico. Wanted Mexico to declare war on U.S. Germany promised full support. U.S. declares war
American Preparation Selective Service Act Passed- 1917. 13,000 women enlisted non-combat positions. U.S. not ready for war, Equipment and soldiers
The Convoy System Merchant ships surrounded by destroyers and cruisers.
American troops led by General John Pershing
Nickname for American troops "Doughboys"
U.S. forces fought by themselves for the most part Breaking the Blockade
German Grand Fleet Ordered out to sea, sailors and marines refused to man the ships.
Eleventh hour, eleventh day, eleventh month Germany agreed to cease= fire that ended the war
Toll of War 9 million military/10 million civilian deaths
Wilson at Versailles 14 points speech
1st area of Versailles No secret treaties, freedom of seas must be maintained, tariffs lowered, arms reduction, colonial policies had to change
2nd area of Versailles "self-determination". distinct ethnic identities had a choice to what nations they would belong to.
League of Nations Forum for nations to discuss and settle their grievances without going to war
Treaty of Versailles Germany forced to pay reparations(war debts) $33 billion
Problems with Treaty Germany humiliated, Russia felt left out of treaty process. Germany stripped most colonial possessions
Created by: tatummilo333