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13 Colonies

Study for our 13 Colonies test mrdowling24

Names of the New England Colonies Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut
Names of the Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
Names of the Southern Colonies Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
What was the first permanent English colony in North America? Jamestown
Founder of Rhode Island Roger Williams
Founder of Connecticut Thomas Hooker
Founder of Pennsylvania William Penn
Founder of Georgia James Oglethorpe
Why were the Middle Colonies known as the Breadbasket Colonies? The Middle Colonies grew wheat, barley and rye and then sold their surplus for profit
Melting Pot An area with a large amount of diversity, people from many different backgrounds
What were some of the Quaker beliefs? The Quakers believed all people were equal. They were pacifists and anti-slavery
Pacifists someone who is against war
Why was Pennsylvania known as the Holy Experiment? Pennsylvania welcomed anyone from any religion. This was highly uncommon at the time
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut The laws made in Connecticut by Thomas Hooker Put in righting the powers of the government in CT and expanded voting rights in Connecticut to all white, male landowners
Why was Rhode Island founded? Rhode Island was founded for religious toleration. Roger Williams wanted to separate religion from government
Describe Bacon's Rebellion Bacon's Rebellion was when the farmers in Virginia were angry because the government of Virginia would not protect them from Native American attacks. Bacon and other farmers then attacked and destroyed the government.
Why was slavery most common in the South? Slavery was more common in the South because of the fertile soil, warm weather and longer growing season
Why did the Quakers have a positive relationship with Native Americans? Since the Quakers believed all people were equal, they paid for land rather than fight for it.
Describe the horrible conditions of Middle Passage Africans were chained together, tightly packed under the deck, many people were chained to dead bodies, horrible odors due to human waste, diseases spread quickly, approximately 1 million deaths
Mercantilism the belief that a country wants to get as much wealth as it can by having a favorable balance of trade.
Why do countries have colonies? To make money, expand markets to sell things and to get new raw materials
export goods that are sent out of a country to be sold
imports goods that are brought in to a country to be bought
What makes a favorable balance of trade? When a country exports more than it imports
triangular trade the trade routes between the 13 colonies, West Indies, Africa and England
Navigation Acts The laws created by England to make sure they were making money from colonial trade
How did the Navigation Acts benefit England? The 13 Colonies could only trade with England. This reduced the prices for their raw materials and raised the prices for finished goods that were sent to the colonies.
Illegal trade smuggling
What is an indentured servant? A person who comes to the New World because someone pays for his trip. In exchange, the indentured servant works for a period of time (usually 7 years) to pay off the debt.
Why were slaves preferred over indentured servants? Slaves were cheaper. They were paid for one and then worked for life. Indentured servants could not be mistreated, could easily run away and racists views made people believe the could mistreat Africans
What is the difference between Puritans and Pilgrims? Puritans tried to reform/change/fix the Church of England before leaving England. The Pilgrims just left because they did not like the church practices.
What is another name for Pilgrims? Separatists
Why was Georgia known as a Haven for Debtors? James Oglethorpe allowed people in debt to move to Georgia to start over. They were given a fresh start.
Debt The amount of money owed by someone
Act of Toleration The law in Maryland that allowed freedom of religion for all Christians. This was especially good for Catholics
What were the main products of the Southern Colonies? Rice, indigo, tobacco, seafood
Toleration accepting of other people's differences
How did people from New England earn money? trade, ship building, lumber jacks, fishing, whaling, etc.
Created by: mrdowling24
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