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unit 3

mrs t's the constitution 2014

what event during this time period led the founding fathers to believe there was a need to fix, or amend, the articles of confederation shay's rebellion
what form of government did the constitutional convention use when writing the constitution republican
what is the common name of the first ten amendments to the constitution bill of rights
under the articles of confederation who held the most power in the country, state or national government state government
the idea of sharing power between the state and national government is called federalism
the federalist papers were written in support of what ratification of the constitution
what constitutional principal allows for changes to occur to the constitution the amendment process
over what issue did large states and small states disagree during the constitutional convention? how was this issue resloved representation in the legislative branch
put these events in order a. George Washington is elected the first president b. constitutional convention meets in Philadelphia Penn c. the declaration of independence is written c. the declaration of independence is written b. constitutional convention meets in Philadelphia Penn a. george washington is elected the first president
what issue did the three-fifths compromise concern the counting of slaves when setting representation
why were the fundamental orders of Connecticut an early important step to the united states constitution is considered the first written constitution in the American colonies
what was the Virginia plan called for a national government divided into three branches. Called for a two house legislature based on population
what was the New Jersey plan called for a one house legislature based on equality
what main issue did the two previous questions concern representation in the legislative branch
dividing the government into three branches is what constitutional principal separation of powers
the issue of American colonists having to house and feed British soldiers was addressed in the constitution in what way the third amendment
the issue that divided the constitutional convention concerning the legislative representation was a issue based on large states favoring a legislative body based on population. small states favoring a legislative body based one equality (every state is equal)
a leading anti-federalist, Patrick Henry was against the ratification of the constitution because it did not guarantee what it did not list any rights that government guarenteed
this founding father was Washington's aid during the American Revolution, member of the constitutional congress, constitutional convention, and largely responsible for establishing the early financial structure of the united states Alexander Hamilton
why did James Madison argue for the compromise of counting slaves as a segment of the population he believed southern states would support the constitution with this compromise
how did the constitution establish a system of checks and balances in the federal government by dividing the national government into three different branches
a characteristic of the constitutional era is political differences and compromise to create the new government
Created by: stallarita
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