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Soul Surfer

Inconsistent Lacking in harmony
Crescent Half of the moon
Knickknacks Little trinkets
Buoy Floating object
Charisma Character and Charm
Bluffs Coastline cliff
Missionaries Person sent to do religious work
Reef Ocean Plants
Trudge To walk slowly and heavily
Illuminate To give off light
Ritual A routine
Destiny Fortune
Fanatic Someone who is enthusiastic
Deferment The act of putting off
Substantial Ample amount (enough)
Consumed To use up
Dormant Not active
Resin A substance
Lumbered To climb
Abalone A large mollusk
Amputee A person who has had a limb cut off
Dabbled To play and splash in water
Banquet A lavish meal
Monumental Something important
Amateur Someone who does not get paid (a beginner)
Endorsement Approval or sponsorship
Dreinelin A boost of energy
Stoped Excited
Aerial Of or produced by or in the air
Expatriates To withdraw
Created by: mourtada.ibrahim
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