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Unit 6 Test US Histo

1. What was the United States’ foreign policy after WWI? isolationism
5. What caused the Red Scare and Palmer Raids? Bolshevik Revolution and Worker’s strikes
10. Why did immigration drop before The Great Depression? What parts of the world were most affected? Quota Laws: limit Eastern and Southern Europeans (Latin Americans not affected)
13. How did tariffs lead to the Great Depression? other countries passed their own tariffs and international trade shut down
16. List the causes of the Dust Bowl. How did it affect migration? Over farming and Severe Drought; Moved out of the West-especially Okies to California
2. Mass production, Mass advertising, and installment plans created what type of society in the 1920’s (relates to ta vocabulary term) Consumer Society
12. What caused problems for farmers, leading the their Depression? Did their depression happen before or after the Stock Market Crash? Overproduction and High Taxes- BEFORE stocK market crashed
21. Which New Deal reforms most directly targeted the basic problem of the victims of the Dust Bowl? Providing farmers low-cost loans and subsidies
6. Who did the KKK of the 1920’s attack? African Americans, Jews, Catholics, Foreigners, Bootleggers
14. List 3 causes of the Stock Market Crash. Installment buying, an unregulated stock market, Margin Buying/Speculation, Low Federal Reserve Interest Rates
18. What is deficit spending and how does it relate to the Great Depression? Spending more money than you having, leading to high debts: this is how FDR paid for his New Deal in 1933
4. List 3 causes of the Great Migration Jim Crow Laws Lynchings Jobs in the North
22. What federal reform was passed regarding banks in 1933? insured bank deposits to 100,000
Which term describes this cartoon to the left: Define the term a. Nativism, Imperialism, Progressivism, or Abolitionism? Nativism-Anti-immigration
15. How did the Federal Reserve make the economic Depression worse? increased interest rates making personal and business loans difficult
19. Describe the different plans of Hoover and Roosevelt relating to the Great Depression. Hoover preferred natural course, calling for voluntary business changes, while Roosevelt would not hesitate to engage in deficit spending to manage the economy
3. What invention helped create a national culture rather than one based on regions or race? radio
26. Which New Deal program has been the Longest Lasting? Why did the conservatives disagree with it? Social security: critique-creating a welfare State
30. What 2 groups were least helped by the New Deal? Women and African Americans (mostly sharecroppers)
23. New Deal programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works progress Administration were primarily intended to help who? unemployed
33. Why did FDR want to “court pack” as shown in the cartoon to the left? Conservative Supreme Court kept ruling his New Deal programs unconstitutional so he wanted to add members who would agree with him
31. Why do African American’s vote Democratic? FDR passing workers reforms and working with a "Black Cabinet" as well as his wife hiring an African American Singer to the Lincoln Memoria
34. What is the main critique of The New Deal shown in the cartoons below 1.(bowl with power cartoon)-Gave the Federal Government too much authority 2.(socialist card cartoon)-allowed the government to interfere too much in the economy
25. How did The New Deal affect the power of labor unions? Obtained the right to bargain collectively
28. How did the Supreme exercise their right to judicial review when it came to FDR’s New Deal in the beginning? Ruled FDRs programs unconstitutional/ FDR fighting back showed Checks and Balances
32. What were the problems that the Liberals had with the New Deal at first? Did not provide for the poor, elderly, or protect unions
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