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Reid Government/Cit

Reid Government and Citizenship

constitution The ___ is our set of written laws.
Judicial Branch The ___ uses the constitution to interpret laws.
Executive Branch The ___ enforces laws and is the Chief Commander of Defense.
Legislative Branch The ___ makes laws.
Congress The U.S. legislative branch is called ___.
Monarchy A government with one strong leader who inherits power, usually a king or queen, is called a ___.
President The Executive Branch is made up of the ___, the Vice President, and his cabinet.
Supreme Court The Judicial Branch is the ___.
representative There are two types of Democracy and they are direct and ___ democracies.
government The purpose of ___ is to keep order, to provide services, and to protect the common good.
government A group of people who have the power to make and enforce laws for a country or area is the ___.
limited If a government has a constitution to follow, its powers are ___.
authoritarian An ___ government is one in which all power is held by a single person or small group.
foreign policy A set of goals describing how a country's government plans to interact with other countries' governments is the ___ .
United Nations The ___ is the largest international organization that works for peace.
citizen A ___ is a legal member of a country usually made so by being born within the country.
House of Burgesses The ___ in Jamestown in 1619 was the beginning of representative democracy.
French and Indian War The ___ was expensive so the King of England decided to tax the colonists without representation to pay for it.
constitution The ___ established our three branches of Federal government along with a strong system of checks and balances.
Mayflower Compact The Pilgrims signed the ___ before landing, to ensure that all members of the colony would follow the majority rules with laws in the colony.
chronology A timeline is in a _________________, a list of events in the order they happened.
archaeology ___________ is the scientific study of ancient cultures through the examination of artifacts and other evidence.
primary A ______________ source is information that comes directly from a person who experienced an event.
secondary Information about an event that does not come from a person who experienced that event is a ________ source.
prehistory _______ is the time before humans invented writing.
Created by: marydykstra