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7th Grade Texas History - 2014

Republic Government in which authority comes from the people and power is exercised by the elected officials according to set laws.
Green DeWitt An empresario who received a grant to settle 400 families in Texas. His colony was located in the Gulf Coast Plain and Post Oak Belt sub regions. Gonzales was the colony's main town.
Bernardo de Galvez The governor of Spanish Louisiana; won several victories against the British, in the Bahamas, Florida and Louisiana
Martin de Leon An empresario who settled the only Texas colony of primarily Mexican settlers; he was one of the first trail drivers in Texas and his colony became an important ranching center.
Lorenzo de Zavala A empresario, who was active in Mexican politics, who received a contract to settle 500 families in East Texas. He later sold his grant to the Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company.
cede - To officially give, as a territory from one country to another.
Treaty of Paris Treaty signed in 1763 ending the 7 years war; France and Spain agreed to give territory in North America to Great Britain.
Athanase de Mezieres The son-in-law of Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, was chosen to direct the new Texas Indian policy.
Louisiana Purchase Agreement in 1803 in which the U.S. purchased Louisiana from France for $15 million.
Coahuila y Texas State created by the government in 1824 by combining the separate states of Texas and Coahuila.
Jose Antonio Navarro A San Antonio businessman was appointed as land commissioner of DeWitt's colony. He became one of the colony's leading citizens.
Marques de Rubi Began an inspection tour of the region's presidios.
diplomats Individuals who represent countries in foreign affairs.
Empresarios Business people who promoted migration to the Texas colonies.
Little Colony Colony founded by Stephen F. Austin that was separate from his other colony and provided for settlement of 100 families; colony was isolated on the western edge of settlement.
San Felipe de Austin Capital of Stephen F. Austin's colony
State Colonization Law of 1825 Law passed by the state government of Coahuila y Texas that further opened Texas to settlement and immigration.
militia citizen army
Lively small ship purchased by Stephen F. Austin to transport colonists and goods for the establishment of his colony.
Bastrop main town of Stephen F. Austin's Little Colony; now a city in south-central Texas.
John P. Coles A member of the Old Three Hundred who built a sawmill that supplied lumber to the colony.
Cotton gins Devices that separate cotton fibers from seed
Erasmo Seguin A rancher, and the alcalde, or mayor, of San Antonio de Bexar, who helped Stephen F. Austin in his efforts to establish a colony in Texas.
Moses Austin He was an, on again off again, successful businessman, lead miner, and banker who came up with a bold plan to establish a colony of U.S. families in Texas. 1st to gain permission to do so! He died before his dream became a reality.
Land titles Legal documents providing land ownership
Panic of 1819 Economic Crisis in 1819 in the United States that led to the failure of many banks and a depression.
Joseph H. Hawkins A lawyer and friend of Stephen F. Austin's who formed a partnership Austin and offered financial support in Austin's pursuit. Austin purchased the "Lively" with money obtained from him.
National Colonization Law of 1825 Law passed by the Mexican government that allowed each Mexican state to set its own colonization policies and encouraged more immigration to Texas.
Jane Long Widow of filibuster James Long; she was a member of the Old Three Hundred and received land in Austin's colony. She became one of the most famous of the Old Three Hundred. She is known as the "Mother of Texas!"
Imperial Colonization Law Mexican law passed in 1823 that increased land grants in Texas for ranching and farming and freed settlers from paying taxes for six years.
Stephen F. Austin Son of Moses Austin, who was studying law, decided to make his Dad's dream a reality. He brought the first 297 Catholic families to Texas. He became the "Father of Texas!"
Depression Period of low economic activity
Baron de Bastrop Dutch businessman and respected statesman, who helped Moses Austin, then Stephen, seek approval for his colonization plans.
Financial panic Economic crisis
Old Three Hundred Name of the 297 families and single men who received land in Stephen F. Austin's colony
Samuel May Williams A member of the Old Three Hundred who served as Austin's colonial secretary.
Missions Religious communities
Presidios Military bases
Ranchos Ranches
Revolt Revolution
Tejas "Friend" - the Spaniards called the Hasinai by the Indians
ayuntamiento Governing council
Alcalde Served as a mayor, sheriff, and judge of small cases
Vaqueros Cowboys
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