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Chapter 14

In England what steps such as growth of towns and villages were leading to what? A more central government
Two groups of people that stayed bringing their own ways and culture were the? Angles and Satons
In the 800's Britain was attacked by the Danish what? Vikings
England meaning The Land of what? The Angles
In 1042 King _____ took the throne? Edward
The Normans were descended from the _______? Vikings
The Normans spoke what language? French
When did the Roman Empire fall to barbarian invasions? 76 A.D.
What various parts of Europe did the barbarians invade? Italy, Spain, France (Gaul), Britain, England, and Scotland.
Where did the Franks settle? They settled in Gaul, the area that is now France.
What part of the Roman Empire survived when the west fell, what was its name? The Eastern part of the Roman empire survived when the west fell, called the Eastern Roman Empire.
What church dominated what is now Europe during the Middle Ages? The Christian Church dominated what is now Europe during the Middle Ages.
How was the church organized? Who was in charge? The church was divided into 12 military districts called diocese which were then divided into parishes and each diocese is ruled by a Pope.
Who went to monasteries to live? Why? Monks because they wanted to be closer to god.
How and where was Islam, the religion of the Muslims founded? Islam was founded when God chose Gabriel to pick someone (who was Mohammed) to spread the faith that there is only one god (Allah), in 610 A.D.
What are the basic beliefs of Islam: the Five Pillars of Faith? Belief of Islam: 1. There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger 2. Pray 5 times a day 3. Give charity to the poor 4. Fast during the month of Ramadan 5. Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca
Why was Charlemagne such an effective ruler? (Charles the Great) Charlemagne was such a effective ruler because he sent representatives go out to each of his villages so he could have them swear oath and loyalty to him, and he had all of the roads and bridges rebuilt to increase the amount of trade.
What was Charlemagne's army like? Charlemagne's army was very strong and effective. They had a battle formation called a "one two punch". They were also an army of skilled horseman that hardly got defeated.
What strategy did Charlemagne use to conquer his enemies? Charlemagne used a "one two punch" strategy to conquer his enemies easily.
What portion of Norsemen were Vikings? 1/10 of the Norsemen were viking.
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