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Chapter 14

What were the 3 new religious orders? Franciscans, Dominicans, Benedictines
What was one problem in the church? There were married priests.
What was the new style of Churches called? Gothic
What was the old style of Churches called? Romanesque
Which pope called for a holy war? Pope Urban II
What was one effect of the Crusades relating to religion? Christian faith weakened.
What was one agricultural change relating to animals? Oxen plows were replaced with horses.
What is a guild? A guild is an organization of individuals in the same business or occupation working to improve the economic and social condition of its members.
What was the first guild ? A merchant guild.
What was the Commercial Revolution? An expansion in trade and business.
What or who were burghers? Merchants and craftspeople who lived in towns and who demanded privileges such as freed from tolls and the right to govern their town.
What was the name of the two groups that stayed bringing their own ways? Angles and Saxons
Britain was attacked by Danish what? Vikings
What was the turning point in English history? The Battle of Hastings
What is common law? the unified body of law formed by England's royal judges
What was the Magna Carta? The Magna Carta was a English document that King John was forced to agree to. It guaranteed nobles certain basic political right and eventually applied to citizens as well.
What were some guaranteed rights in the Magna Carta? No taxation without representation, a jury trial and protection of law.
What is a parliament? A legislative group.
True of False? Over time the parliament became strong and provided a check on royal power True
By the year 1000, France had been divided into how many feudal territories? 47
Was the bubonic plague dangerous? Yes, it killed about 60 million.
What was one symptom of the plague relating to buboes? Painful swellings called buboes in the lymph nodes.
True or False? People emptied their sewage and garbage in the streets and the rats thought it was disgusting and fled the towns. False, Rats breeded in the sewage out in the streets.
What was the Hundred Year's War? When England and France battled with each other on French soil of just over a century. This marked the end of the Middle Ages.
What was the Great Schism? When the church elects three new popes and everything falls apart.
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