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social studies vocab

federalist papers a series of essays defending and explaining the constitution
habeas corpus the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended,unless when in case of rebillion or invasion the public safety may require it
northwest oridance it described how the northwest territory was to be governed and set conditions for settlement and settlers rights
albany plan of union the first formal proposal to unite the american colonies,put forth by benjamin franklin
cabinet a group of department heads who serve as the presidents cheif advisors
alexander hamilton was one of the federalist papers authors and in washingtons cabinet
neutrality not siding with one country or the other
jays treaty the agreement that ended dispute over american shipping during the french revolution
washingtons farewell address warned strongly against permanent alliances between the u.s and other countries
alien and sedition acts a series of four laws enacted in 1798 to reduce the political power of recent immigrants to the u.s
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