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American Colonies

Vocab Mrs. Racers Class

Economic Venture A plan to make money
Separatists A group of people who want to be seprate from the Church of England to practice their own religion freely
Religious Persecution Being hurt or teased for your ways of worshiping god
Quakers A religious group who is peace loving
Interference Something Getting in the way
Debtor A person who owes money
Social Life Living toggether and enjoying life with other people
terrian Look of the land
Civic Life How citizens make their laws, vote, take party in government
Diverse Varied, Different
Piedmont A geographic area at the foot of the mountains; it literally means foot of the mountains
Predominately Mostly
Raw Materials Natural resources that are not yet made into anything such as cut trees or coal that has been mined
Political Having to do with the government
Specialization Focusing on one or a few products
Interdependance Two or more people depending on each other for goods and services
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