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Key People

Chapter 5

Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur was a Frenchman whom visited the colonies in the 1700s. This Frenchman saw the colonies as a melting pot where many different ethnic backgrounds intermingle and intermarry in one country.
Jacobus Arminius Jacobus Arminius preached about individual free will, and of the divine right of humans. He preached that by accepting of God's grace anyone no matter what time can make it to heaven. This was in contrast to the Calvinist doctrine that had predestination.
Jonathan Edwards Johnathan Edwards was the man who ignited the Great Awakening in Massachusetts. He was considered a new light of his age. He also believed to be the deepest theological mind ever nurtured in the America.
George Whitefield For four years he revolutionized the spiritual life of the colonies. His voice rung was so powerful it moved everyone that heard it. Also, he trumpeted his message of helplessness and omnipotence to the people.
John Trumbull John Trumbull was an inspiring painter in Connecticut. His father did not approve of his career choice as a painter saying "Connecticut is not Athens." To fulfill his dream, Trumbull went to London England to work.
John Singleton Copley Copley was a focused painter in the Americas, however like all painters he had to move to England where there was work. In England, he was able to work with a steady flow costumers.
Phillis Wheatley Phillis Wheatley was a young black slave girl in the colonies, and when she was twenty, she moved to England. In England, with no education of any kind, she started writing poetry about her life as a black slave.
John Peter Zenger John Zenger was a newspaper editor charged for libel for writing what was accused to be a false statement. Zenger was proved innocent because as long as the statement is true it can be flattering or unflattering to the person which is not libel.
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