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causes of the AR

Causes of the american revolution

This act was put into place because Great Britain was in debt from the French and Indian War? Stamp Act
What was taxed in the Stamp Act? Any paper product
What Act was put in place taxed glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea? Townshend acts
Which act were the colonists mad about that lead to the Boston Massacre? Townshend Acts
What was the Boston Massacre? The killing of five people by the British soldiers.
What was the stamp act congress? 9 colonies met to oppose the Stamp Act and asked Parliament to repeal (end) the act
What was the Writs of assistance? Allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods. Blank search warrant
When were the townshend acts repealed? The Townshend Acts were not repealed until after the Boston Massacre to ease the tension between the colonies and the British
What was the Tea Act? Created a monopoly for the East India Company on the tea market so the price of tea went up
What did the colonists do as a result of the tea act? The Boston Tea Party
What was the Boston Tea Party? The Boston Tea Party was the boarding of three ships by Samuel Adams and his group, The Sons Of Liberty, and dumping 342 chests of tea overboard.
What acts came in as punishment for the Boston Tea Party? The Coercive Acts
What did the Coercive acts do? 1.Boston harbor is closed 2.Closes down the Massachusetts legislature 3.The direct result of the boston massacre 4.Any british official charged with a crime will be tried in England 5.British forced the colonists to house and feed British soldiers
What was the first continental congress? The gathering of delegates of 12 colonies
Which colony did not send delegates? Georgia
What is the battle of Lexington and Concord? The British marched through lexington, won a battle there, to concord and found the supplies they were looking for hidden. The colonists won the battle at concord and made attacks on the British as they marched back.
What was the Second Continental Congress? They decided to make a continental army and George Washington would be the supreme leader. They authorized the printing of money to pay for supplies. They form a committee to ask other countries for help. They put in an olive branch petition.
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