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ch 21 test review

World History/Vargo Freshman

Miguel Hidlago Made Grito de Delores speech in 1810
Jose Morelos Mexican priest ad rebel leader from 1811-1815
Agustin de Iturbide Granted Mexican independence and became emperor in 1821
Jose de San Martin fought against Napoleon's armies and the Moors in Spain
Tupac Amaru executed in 1781 after leading revolt against Spain
Ignacio Allende teamed with Hidalgo; battles for Mexican Independence
Louis Philippe the "citizen king" of France
Vicente Guerrero teamed with Iturbide to formulate Plan Of Iguala
Toussaint L'Ouverture called himself "the tree of black liberty"
Louis Napoleon served as President and later Emperor of France
Bernardo O'Higgins teamed up with Sam Martin at Chacabuco in 1817
Charles X King of France;fled in 1830
Clemens von Metternich fled Austria in disguise in 1848
Simon Bolivar 'The Liberator" of South America
Frederick William IV offered crown of Germany by Frankfurt Assembly
Dom Pedro granted Brazil its independence and became emporer
creoles had many of the highest ranking positions in Spanish colonies in Latin America
Belgium gained its independence in 1831
Bolivia this country was named for Sam Bolivar
Haiti the only non-slave state nation in the Western hemisphere
junkers the noble class of Prussia
1845 when US annexed Texas
Polk he was President when Texas was annexed
Zachary Taylor "old rough and ready" was his nickname
Treaty of Cordoba peace agreement btwn Spain and Mexico
The Liberator nickname of Simone Bolivar
Grito do Iparanga name for Brazil's Declaration of Independence
Gannde Columbia the name for the country that Bolivar wanted to form
Tupac Amaru mule driver
Caracus where Simon Bolivar was from
Simon Bolivar "I have been plowing in the sea"
Riio Grande the river border btwn US and Mexico
Tennessee the state Polk was from
Creole social class Simon Bolivar was in Venezeula
mullato Spanish and African descent
Mexico this country was not stable after it gained its independence
Hidalgo he helped train peasants in vocational skills
Napoleon I he had great respect for Jose Morelos
Jose de San Martin he was responsible for freeing Chile and Argentina from Spain
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