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Causes of the AR

what was taxed in the Stamp Act? Every piece of paper that they used.
What is boycott? a form of protest
Who were the Sons of Liberty? a secret group that tried to oppose British laws
What was taxed in the Townshend Acts? glass, lead, paper, paints, and tea
What are the Writs of Assistance? they allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods
what is the Boston Massacre? a British soldier and a Whig apprentice got into an argument,a group of colonist joined, then a group of soldiers joined, then the colonist began throwing snow balls at the soldiers,the British fired into the crowd and the Boston Massacre started.
What are the Tea Acts? The British put the Tea Act on tea in 1773, they put tax on the tea, the colonist were in rage for years, thats what led to the Boston Tea Party
What is the Boston Party? At midnight Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty dressed up as mohawk indians and threw all the tea over board.
What were five punishments of the coercive Acts/ Intolerable Acts? They closed the Harbor. closed legislature, a British official would be tried in England, The Quartering Act, Governor Hutchinson was removed and replaced by General Thomas Gage
what was the First Continental Congress? They met at carpenters hall in Philadelphia, all of the colonies were involved except for Georgia
What led to the Boston Tea Party? The coercive Acts
What were three outcomes of the First Continental Congress? They told militia to be ready to fight, they encouraged colonist to boycott british goods, they sent the Declaration of Rights
Why did they march out of boston? they wanted gunpowder and ammunition in concord
Who warned the colonist that the British were coming? Paul Revere and William Dawes
who won the first battle at lexington? Britsh
What happened to the British on their way back to boston? The minutemen started to shoot from behind fences and trees
What is the Second continental congress?
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