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Causes of the AR

What war caused debt? The French and Indian War.
What did the Stamp Act tax? The act taxed mainly paper materials such as legal documents, newspapers, playing cards, license, and pamphlets.
What was it that the Stamp Act boycotted? The Stamp Act Boycotted the British goods that were transported.
What were the Sons of Liberty's part in the Stamp Act? The Son's of Liberty were a group of people who would get in meetings and talk about the recent problems and in the Stamp Act they protested against the act.
What did the Townshend Acts tax? It placed a tax on items such as paint, paper, lead, tea, and glass.
What were the Writs of Assistance? the writs of assistance served as a search warrant that meant certain people were allowed to look in anyone's house or lot for smuggled goods at anytime they wanted.
What was the Boston Massacre? The Boston Massacre was a huge argument between British Soldiers and the Colonists which had gotten into a battle between them which involved five colonists being shot to death and many wounded.
What is the Tea Act? The tea act was a contract the colonists could sign that forced them to buy tea from only the East India Company that the price would be lowered, but the problem was then once the colonists would be out of debt the British could then increase the price.
What is the Boston Tea Party? This was devised due to the tea act and the plan was to dump all the taxed tea into Boston Harbor.
What was the Quartering Act? It required colonists to house and quarter British troops on demand, including in their private homes as a last resort.
What was the Administration of Justice Act? It made British officials immune to criminal prosecution in Massachusetts.
What was the Boston Port Act? It was made to close the ports until damages of the Boston Tea Party were repaired or paid off.
What was the Massachusetts Government Act? It was made to restrict democratic town meetings and turned the governor's council into an appointed body.
What was the nickname for the coercive acts? The Intolerable Acts.
What was the first continental congress? Was a meeting created due to the coercive acts thirteen colonies were there except for Georgia. Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.They all agreed that they should continue boycotting British goods.
How was the tea act and boston tea party connected? The Boston Tea Party was how the colonists repealed back due to the tea act.
What were the battles of Lexington and Concord? They were battles that started due to General Gage coming up with two devious plans, but were then interrupted and battles at each of the plan sights.
What was the Second Continental Congress? The Second Continental Congress was a convention of delegates from the Thirteen Colonies that started meeting in the summer of 1775, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, soon after warfare in the American Revolutionary War had begun.
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