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Causes American Rev.

What act act did the British give to the colonists to pay off the debt of the French and Indian War and what did it tax? It was called the Stamp Act and it taxed paper products.
Who told the colonists to boycott the paper and why and what happened to the act? The Sons of Liberty told them to boycott the paper since they had no control of the act and after boycotting the act the businesses told Parliament to take down the act since they couldn't make any money.
What was the second act called and what did it tax and what else did it do? The second act was called the Townshend Acts and it taxed paper, paint, glass, tea, and lead and it took away the colonist's right for government and if tea collectors thought you smuggled they were allowed to ransack your home.
How was the Townshend Acts removed and what happened to take this act down? The act was taken down because of the Boston Massacre since the British hoped it would calm down the colonists. This happened because British soldiers shot five people because a Whig got into an argument with a soldier.
What was the third act called and what did it tax and affect? The third act was called the Tea Act and it lowered tea price with the cost of closing down the Dutch Tea Company. The colonists were angry still since once the debt is paid they will rise the price on tea and that lead to the Boston Tea Party.
What happened at the Boston Tea Party and what fourth and fifth act did it bring up? The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians and dumped tea into the harbor and after that Great Britain put up an act called the Coercive Acts which the colonists called the Intolerable Acts.
What were the punishments in the Coercive Acts. The colonists had to pay for damages, British closed down government, colonists had to feed and house British soldiers, when a British soldier is committed for a crime they go to Great Britain to be trialed, and Governor Hutchinson was removed for Gage.
What was the important meeting called that was held in Carpenter's Hall and what was its three agreements? The meeting was called The First Continental Congress were they discussed to Coercive acts and the three agreements to keep boycotting the taxed goods, prepare the militiamen for battle, and sent the Declaration of Rights to King George the third.
What caused The Battle of Lexington and Concord? The British soldiers were marching to Concord to size weapons. Then Paul Revere and William Dawes told people that the British where going to take their weapons in Concord. While the British were marching to Concord they ran in with militiamen.
What happened at the first battle and when the soldiers got to Lexington? The British won the first battle killing 9 people while others retreated and the first shot was called The Shot heard Around the World happened in Lexington. When the soldiers got to Concord they found no weapons so the burned the town.
What happened at the second battle and how many were killed? The Minutemen ambushed the soldiers and killed about 250 solders and the Minutemen won the second battle.
What was the second meeting called and what four things did they do? The made an army called the Continental Army and gave it to George Washington, authorized printing of money to get supplies, they asked for foreign help, and made the Olive Branch Petition.
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