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Causes of the AR

American Revolution

Why did they start the Stamp Act? To help pay for the French and Indian War.
What did the Stamp Act tax? It taxed all paper products.
What did the colonists do to stop the Stamp Act? The Colonists boycotted(didn't buy anything made of paper) the goods.
Who were the Sons of Liberty? The Sons of Liberty were a group of colonists that opposed the taxes and wanted to stop them.
The Townshend Acts taxed what items? Paper, lead, paint, glass,and tea.
What was the Writs of Assistance? The Writs of Assistance allowed collectors to search for smuggled goods.
What was the Boston Massacre? The Boston Massacre was when a colonist and a British soldier started to argue, then more colnists came then more British soldiers came So then the colonists were throwing snow balls at the soldiers so the soldiers got mad and shot and killed 5 colonists.
The Boston Massacre was connected with the Townshend acts how? The colonists got mad at the Townshend Acts so they decided to try and stop it so after the Boston Massacre happened the Townshend Acts ended.
What was the Tea Act? The Tea Act taxed tea, so the British gave the East India Company a monoply which was so only the East India Company was the only company who could sell tea to the colonies.
The Tea Act connected with the Boston Tea Party how? The Tea Act made the colonists mad because they were forced to buy the tea and they didn't want to. So the Sons of Liberty did something about it. Which is known as the Boston Tea Party.
The Boston Tea Party was what? It was when the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians and boarded 3 ships and dumped all 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor.
Coercive Acts punishment 1 was what? They closed the Boston Harbor until the colonists payed for the tea.
Punishment 2 was what? They closed the Massechusetts Government and also revoked the charter.
Punishment 3 was what? The Quartering Act required the colonists to house and feed British soldiers.
Punishment 4 was what? Any British official charged for a crime was tried in Great Britain not the colonies.
Punishment 5 was what? Governor Hutchinson was replaced by General Thomas Gaige.
Fists Continental Congress a result from the Coercive Acts how? The colonists were mad so they met up at Carpenter's Hall.
What were the First Continental Congress's decisions? Decision #1? They encouraged the colonists to keep boycotting British goods.
Decision #2? They told the militia to be prepared.
?Decision #3 They sent the Decleration of Rights to King George the 3rd.
The Battles of Lexington and Concord, why were the British marching to Concord to do what? The were going to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock but they also were going to go burn the colonists firearms and gunpowder.
The two horse riders who warned the Colonists that they British were going to Lexington and Concord were? Paul Revere and William Dawes.
When the British were marching back to Boston what happened to them? More Militia Men ambushed them.
The colonists had 2 decisions one was to? And the other was to what? If they would've put 2 lanterns up in the Northern Church it meant that the British were coming from sea and 1 up if they were coming from land.
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