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Causes of the AR

What group formed as a cause of the Stamp Act? Sons of Liberty
What was being taxed during the Stamp Act? All paper materials anything made with paper.
What did the Townsend Acts Tax? Everyday items like glass, lead paints, paper, and tea.
What were the writs of assistance? It helped the British in forcing rights or laws.
What was the Boston Massacre? It started out by a soldier being harassed by a whig apprentice. Then a group of colonists join in on the argument, a group of British soldiers join the colonists start throwing snowballs, then the British start firing.
How many colonists were killed? 5 colonists were killed and 2 officers were found guilty of manslaughter. Then came the Tea Act.
What was the Tea Act? The East India Company put a tax on tea so that they wouldn't go bankrupt and colonists did not like that at all so it lead to the Boston Tea Party.
What was the Boston Tea Party? Sam Adams was the leader of this, the colonists dressed up like mohawk indians and they stormed onto the first ship and dumped all of the tea out into the Boston Harbor.
What five punishments did the coercive acts give out. First Punishment was they closed the Boston Tea Harbor 2nd was they closed down their government and revoke their charter, 3rd was the quartering act which required colonists to house and feed the British soldiers. 4th was Any British official accused of
a crime would be tried in in Great Britain, and the 5th was Governor Hutchinson was removed from office.
First Continental Congress when did it occur and what were the three decisions? Occurred in 1774 the three decisions were it encouraged the colonists to boycott british goods, they told the militia to be ready to fight, They send a declaration of rights to King George the third, a list of ten rights they believed that they should
have as British citizens.
What happened in the Battle of Lexington and Concord Paul Revere and William Dawes warned the colonists that the redcoats are coming the first shot was fired at Lexington the British went to concord to capture an arms cache and to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock. British won the first battle but the
colonists made the British retreat back to Boston and they killed and wounded 250 British soldiers, so the Colonists won the second battle.
What did the Second Continental Congress decide? The second continental congress they formed the continental army and put President George Washington in charge. They authorized the printing of money to pay for the soldiers. They form a committee to deal with foreign countries. They made an Olive
Branch Petition
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