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Causes American Revo

Causes of the American Revolution

What caused the Stamp Act to occur? The British were in debt from the French and Indian War.
What did the Stamp Act tax? It taxed all paper docs such as: legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, and playing cards.
When did the Stamp Act occur? They occurred 1765.
Why was the Stamp Act repealed by Parliament? Parliament finally repealed the Act when British business men said that the Act was hurting their business because of the Sons of Liberty boycott.
The Townshend Acts occurred because? They occurred because English Parliament made this act to fund expenses in the colonies.
What did the Townshend Acts tax? The Townshend Acts taxed glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. This upset the colonists.
What did the Writs of Assistance give to the tax collectors? The Writs of Assistance gave the tax collectors permission to go in houses anytime to search for smuggled goods.
Why was John Hancock's boat taken? John Hancock's boat Liberty was taken because they thought he was smuggling goods into Boston.
What did the Writs of Assistance give to the tax collectors? The Writs of Assistance gave the tax collectors permission to go in houses anytime to search for smuggled goods.
Why was John Hancock's boat taken? John Hancock's boat Liberty was taken because they thought he was smuggling goods into Boston.
When did the Townshend Acts take place? 1767
When were the Townshend Acts repealed? After the Boston Massacre they repealed the Townshend Acts to keep peace.
What did the colonists boycott in the Stamp Act? They boycotted paper products such as stamps.
When did the Boston Massacre start and who started it? It started in 1770, a British soldier and a Colonist Whig Apprentice got into an argument.
What did the argument turn into(Soldier Colonist)? A mob of soldiers came to the aid of the soldier and a mob of colonists came to the aid of the Whig Apprentice.
What happens as a result of the growing argument? The Colonists start throwing things at the soldiers. They throw snowballs, sticks, and stones. *Tightly packed snowball so it hurts. The British soldiers fire into the crowd killing 5 people while injuring 6.
what happens to the soldiers who shot the colonists? The soldiers and their officer were put on trial. 2 Soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter and the officer was innocent. The soldiers found guilty and were branded on the hand for manslaughter.
What happens as a result of the Townshend Acts? The Boston Massacre happens.
Why does the Tea Act happen? The British East India Company was financially in debt.
What happens to the East India Company? The East India Company gained a monopoly.
What do the colonists do when they realize that the East India Company had a monopoly? They Colonists boycotted the idea because they realized once the East India Company got out of debt the prices of tea would be raised so they continued the boycott.
Why did the Boston Tea party occur? It occurred because of the TEA ACT.
How long did it take to dump the tea? Also, who organize it? Sons of Liberty organized the Boston Tea Party. It took three hours to dump the tea. They disguised as Mohawk Indians.
How much tea was destroyed? They destroyed or dumped 45 tons of tea. That would be $1,000,000 today.
Why and when did the Coercive Acts occur? They occurred becuse it was a response or punishment to the Boston Tea Party. It happened in 1774.
What was the first act out of the five acts? The first act closed the Boston Harbor until the colonists paid for they the tea.
How many acts were there? 5
The second act was? The government was not allowed to meet. They shut down the Massachusetts legislature and took away or revoke their charter(Permission).
The third act was? From Boston Massacre- They made British official accused of a crime would be tried in Great Britain, not the colonies. They were immune to punishment in the colonies practically.
The fourth act was? HE QUARTERING ACT: required the colonists to feed and house the British soldiers.
The fifth and final act was? -Gov Hutchinson is removed of office and is replaced by General Thomas Gage. The military is now in control of all Massachusetts not just Boston.
Why did the First Continental Congress meet? This is a direct result from the Coercive Acts.
Where and when did they meet? They meet in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 12 out of the 13 showed up, except Georgia. Sep 1774
What 3 things did they accomplish? They decided to continue to boycott British goods. They told their militias to be ready at all times. King George III was a sent the Declaration of Rights 10 rights on this document that said what the colonists should have as freedoms as British citizens
How was the First Continental Congress reviewed? There was a mixed review of the three accomplishments. There was a lack of people in the room. Some delegates had left early as a sign that they thought it was not going to be a success.
What were the British doing on the it march to Lexington and Concord? To take the colonies firearms and gunpowder and to take John Hancock and Samuel Adams.
Who warned the colonists that the British were coming? The colonists were warned that the British were coming by Paul Revere and William Dawes on their midnight ride. They used the Old Northern Church to warn everyone. 2 by sea and 1 by land.
Where was the first battle and who won? When British reached Lexington Town Green, that's where the first shot was fired, the shot heard around the world. That's where the war was started. The British won that first battle.
What didn't the British find in Concord? When they reached Concord they found that the weapons have been relocated. Sam Adams and John Hancock were not to be found either
What happened as the British soldiers were marching back? When they were marching back to Boston they were intercepted by minutemen and chased for 18 miles. The British dropped weapons, clothing, and equipment, and other things to faster. The British retreated in defeat.
What were the casualties of the first battles? 250 British soldiers killed or wounded and 90 minutemen were killed or wounded. The colonists won the second battle.
The Second Continental Congress was more of a success because? They accomplished more things.
What did they accomplish this time? They decided to form a full army, the Continental Army. George Washington is put in charge of the army. They pay for supplies by authorizing the printing of money. The committee is formed to deal with foreign countries to ask for help.
Were all the states present at the second Continental Congress? Yes, Georgia finally came.
What did the Olive Branch Petition do or try to do? -They made the Olive Branch Petition. -They try to attempt a peaceful resolution. King George refuses read the document. He underestimates the Colonists.
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