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The Causes of AR

The causes of American Revolution

Why did the Stamp Act occur? Debt from the French and Indian war.
What did the Stamp Act tax? All paper goods.
What is the sons of liberty? They are a group of people that don't agree.
What did the Townshend acts tax? Lead, Glass, Paper, and Tea.
What is the Writs of Assistance? It was a search warrant that let tax collectors search homes.
What is the Boston Massacre? A colonist Whig maker got in a fight with a British soldier. Soldiers and colonists joined. The soldiers killed five colonists.
What is the Tea Act? The East India company put tax on tea.
What is the Boston Tea Party? Colonists dress up like Indians and board three ships and dump out all of the tea into the harbor.
What were the Coercive Acts/Intolerable Acts five punishments? 1. Closed Boston Harbor. 2. Took away their government. 3. They had to feed and house the soldiers. 4. Any British offical charged in crime will be tried in Great Britain. 5. Governor Hutchinson is replaced with general Thomas Gage.
What were the first Continental Congresses three decisions? Minute men get ready. Declaration of rights to king.
Created by: 19millerr