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Causes of the A. R.

What lead up to War

What was the Stamp Act? A tax on paper products.
What is Boycott? It is when you agree to not buy things.
Who started Boycotting paper products? The Sons of Liberty.
What did the Sons of Liberty Boycott? They Boycotted buying paper products.
What year did the Stamp Act happen? 1765
The Townshend Act imposed duties on what items? glass,lead,paper,paint,tea
Why did Britain place taxes on these items? These goods were highly sought after.
How did the Colonists acquire these goods. They Smuggled them.
How did parliment handle the Colonists reaction? They repealed all except tax on tea.
What year did parliment repeal the Townshend Act? 1770
What happened to cause parliment to reconsider the T. A.? The Boston Massacre.
How did the Boston Massacre begin? An argument between a wig maker apprentice and a British Soldier.
What did the Colonists react? They threw snowballs with rocks and sticks inside.
What did the British Soldiers react to snowballs? They fired at the Colonists.
Who took the heat? 3 Soldiers were found guilty.
Where were they tried? They were tried in the Colonies.
What was propaganda? When one person telling story with one sideof it.
What was the Boston Tea Party? When the Colonists were dumping tea into the Harbor.
What were the Colonists dressed up as? Mohoccan Indians
Who was in charge of the Boston Tea party? The Sons of Liberty
What were the Coercive Acts? They were Acts so that the British could get back at the Colonists for dumping the tea.
What were the Coercive Acts known as to the Colonists? The Intolorable Acts
What was the First Continental Congress? A group of people who made Acts.
What Colony did not show up to the First Continental Congress? Georgia
What date did the first Continental congress meet on? September 5th
What date was the Coercive Acts? December 1st 1774
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